Winning Eleven 10 - PS2 - Official News Thread (Last Update 22 April)

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PS2 - World Soccer Winning Eleven 10 "Official Thread" Last Update 22 April

Official WebSite :


Out : 04/27/2006 on PS2
Balls : Teamgeist, Teamgeist Orange
New Nationals Licenses : Argentina, Australia, England, Holland, Spain, Italy & Sweden
New Clubs Licenses : Bayern Munchen
New Stadiums : Santiago Bernabeu (Real Madrid), Niigata Stadium and Seoul Sang-am World Cup Stadium (in WE-SHOP)

- transfers the human system macroevolution
- operational enhances largely
- the ball card rallies the law enforcement criterion
- ML nurtures the system to supplement the new function
- new pattern and new option exhaustive introduction
- National Teams added : Angola, Togo, Ghana & Trinidad and Tobago. (Morocco and South Africa deleted)
- South America : Venezuela out
- Transfer of the Winter 2005/2006 (the guy says, exemple Di Vaio and Vieri in Monaco)
- Brugges, Moscow et Shakhtar Donetsk deleted
- no big difference with WE9 because the PS2 limit about Graphics
- pitch reporter "Iwamoto"
- Nippon Challenge and "International Challenge" you play the WC qualifing withh all teams nationals (in PES6 too)
- Customiser defense
- A ' personalité' is now given has the opposing team when one plays against the console. One will be able for example to see preset combinations
- New mode : Random Selection Match
- in ML, you can active or not the 'graphic progression' and another détails.
- Better ranking online, etc ...
- New game mode "International Challenge" (World Cup mode)
- New "Random Selection Match"
- New operations added (Matthew's trick)
- Master League table added
- Increased control (sensitivity for reaction)
- Less red/yellow cards are issued
- Changing players responds faster
- Stronger CPU
- Quick Restar : just after that the referee whistles a fault, press R1+L1 to seize the ball and to play the ball quickly!
- Random Selection Match : You are dreaming of Raul and Aimar in the same team? or of a combination Ronaldinho and Shevchenko?
choose several teams (for example, Barcelona, Arsenal and Argentina) and the game creates a formation only made up players of these teams. You can play with or face them.
From 1 to 4 teams
- Black net
- Teams playable in the International Challenge Mode : Iran, Korea, Saudi Arabia, USA, Costa Rica, Mexico, Trinidad & Tobago, Argentina, Uruguay, Ecuador, Colombia, Chile, Paraguay, Brazil, Peru, Ireland, Italy, England, Wales, Ukraine, Austria, Holland, Greece, province, Croatia, Switzerland, Sweden, Scotland, Spain and Slovakia, Slovenia, Serbia & Montenegro, Czechoslovakia, Denmark, Germany, Turkey, Norway and Hungary, Finland, France, Bulgaria, Belgium, Poland, Portugal, Latvia, Rumania and Russia.
- National teams with fake names : Wales, croatia, Slovakia, Slovenia, Serbia & Montenegro, Rep. Czech, Germany, Turkey, Bulgaria, Latvia, Angola, Ghana, Ivory Coast, Togo, Trnidad & Tobago, Iran, Saudi Arabia.

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Official news and picts by Konami in Japanese:

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