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winning eleven 10 v winning eleven 9


23 September 2004
is there much difference between these 2 games,in terms of gameplay shooting mechanics headers also the way the ball moves etc,any new individual player animations,i really would like 2 know.does the referee call as many fouls as it was annoying in we9.is it worth buying this on import or waiting for the english version pro evo 6,ure replies please thanks.:)


18 August 2005
buy winning eleven 10 and patch it. it plays better than WE9 ... but i haven't figured out how to stock my formations when playing a cup so they load automatically each time. also, when you do a konamis cup with your mates, even if you pick 8 teams, and 8 players, when the pre-match screen comes up, only the home teams menu appears for you to makc changes ! really bizarre


League 1
13 January 2005
United Kingdom
If you liked PES4, then you'll like WE10 as the game is fast & the plauers respond quicker to your actions unlike the WE9 ot he very disapointing PES5.

If you want a faster, fun game go with PES4 or WE10
If you want a harder, slower game stick with PES 5 or WE9


I dont like WE10 because i dont like fucking FIFA games.
WE9 was the last decent winning eleven around.


League 2
23 September 2003
Hm, by all changes made in it, can WE10 be called WE9 International - cause Sony wants to take more money he can from the PlayStation2 before it`s end (Playstations 2 end)?


winning eleven 10 is like fifa, u cant dribble past anybody anymore, they have basically ruined the game. its that bad i might go back to we9


13 June 2005
I would recommend WE9 Liveware Evolution.It is in korean language but the gameplay rocks.Best we/pes experience on PC ever!


o gotda admit we9 liveware evolution is the best soccer game till now

but sometimes you still see a goal without the touch of the ball which looks funny still

konami must really concentrate on the players in real time

Redman X

jimlfc6 said:
winning eleven 10 is like fifa, u cant dribble past anybody anymore, they have basically ruined the game. its that bad i might go back to we9
To be honest, I find it easier to dribble, just keep practising.8)


i am one of them that started using the :r2: button to sharp turn in the dribble, i am playing on 5 stars in master league and i really cant seem 2 go past anybody anymore apart from when my forward has his back to goal, then i just dash diagnally and he is through. Might just be me, but im really struggling to get to grips with this game

Redman X

You don't have to keep pressing :r2: otherwise you will surelly loose the ball. When I'm near to the goal and 1-on-1 with a defender, I let go of :r1: then dribble with my direction buttons to confuse him and when I see an open space, I quickly dash past him (works most of the time tough) then get close to the keeper and score.

One time I had 3 or 4 players on me (don't know why the defence mess up like that on 5 star) and my player was well open........you know the rest. ;)


Krèg ut zuâh!
3 August 2004
Zygalski said:
I'm considering going back to PES3 ;)

I think the new installment of the series for Europe will be nice if goalkeeper behaviour improves. I actually like WE10 a lot. I did not like PES5/WE9 that much: too buggy, especially against humans :(. WE10's gameplay feels more organic. Konami did a good job.


Ninja Samurai
2 February 2003
London, UK
IMO, it's quite strange for anyone to think that the behaviour of the defence and goalkeepers in WE10 is normal.


Champions League
24 December 2002
California, USA
Liverpool FC
I think I've reached a conclusion, that while there are some nice things in WE10 like improved freedom,
BUT, I think WE9 is the better game.
Playing ML in WE9 was much more enjoyable....

There is just something wrong with WE10, it doesn't seem right...
I like the fact that fouls are less, but it seems to be a rush job
by Konami.


League 2
10 June 2002
Lymington, UK
I agree about WE 10 and there being something wrong.
WE9 was a bit shite in my opinion. WE10 was much better for the first week or so. Then I got used to it and started to find the annoyances such as the Left back dying every ML game, bobbling ball, passing off the field for no reason, strikers running backwards for no reason, defennders running away from strikers for no reason etc. etc. etc. (Not to mention the keepers who couldn't catch a cold!!)

Anyway, WE10 is a big improvement over WE9

Just my thoughts. PES 6 should be good though.


how did you guys already get WE10 when WE9 Came out on february???


8 June 2006
It's simple, Konami like the money :)

Anyway WE10 is great, now I can play football instead of stop-start stop-start, infact sometimes I don't give away a single foul in an entire game, whereas with WE9/PES5 I could give away 5 fouls in the first few minutes.

But as usual, WE10 is WE9 with a few fixes that WE9 should've already had, and I get the feeling PES6 will be like PES5, aka unplayable meaning I will have to wait for WE11, again.


deftonesmx17 said:
All I care about is having a game where every other turn is not a fucking stupid ass looking auto-sidestep like in PES5/WE9 :roll:
hah, i wonder where r those people who were defending the auto side step saying it is so realistic and stupid bull shit like that....now its removed, so i was right, you were wrong! :lol:
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