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Winning Eleven 11 Liveware Evolution!??!

dj dee

Winning Eleven Maniac
18 August 2004
Found this when i was surfing, take a look >>


is this legit?!! & if YES, when the hell was it released? & how come nobody knew about it?

INFO: (if anyone can translate it, that'd be cool)

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dj dee

Winning Eleven Maniac
18 August 2004
Indeed Thomas.. You should do your regular investigation.. lol

dj dee

Winning Eleven Maniac
18 August 2004
someone has to know somethin about it..
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Chris Davies

Chief PESsimist
14 May 2003
Tranmere Rovers
Could it be a holder website that they've knocked up quickly for when it's needed (using the same box as the old game)?


Original Member Since 2001
30 December 2001
Indiana USA (Scottish)
Nottingham Forest
This game including the American release is ussually identicle to PES so its clearly the South Korean version of the New Pes thats just been announced.

dj dee

Winning Eleven Maniac
18 August 2004
mystery solved.. the website aint even an official konami website..
why? simply i did a WHOIS check up on the website & it returned this >>
   Registrar: [B]TUCOWS INC.[/B]
   Whois Server: whois.tucows.com
   Referral URL: http://domainhelp.opensrs.net
   Name Server: [B]NS1.ARABSGATE.COM[/B]
   Name Server: [B]NS2.ARABSGATE.COM[/B]
   Status: ok
   Updated Date: 10-jun-2007
   Creation Date: 10-jun-2007
   Expiration Date: 10-jun-2008
The hosting service is ARABSGATE.COM & they bought the domain name from TUCOWS INC. just 8 days ago.. official website my ass!!
Obviously, they downloaded the whole we10le website & changed the graphix into we11le.. Dont know why would someone do that?!!
So appearantely, this whole thing is one big HOAX!!
P.S. a mod should close this thread now!

dj dee

Winning Eleven Maniac
18 August 2004
You're wrong !!
Sorry but THIS IS an official Konami-of-Asia website !!!!
NO AM NOT.. am not making this up, go & do a WHOIS check up yourself.. Plus anyways, i called konami & they said it aint official, here's their telephone number:
+82-2-2642-0573 (Konami Korea)


19 March 2003
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