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Winning Eleven 2007 (360) -- The worse release ever??


29 October 2002
As you can probably see from my post count i don't feel the need to write very often, however after trading in my copy of Winning eleven 9 for a copy of the latest American release of what i used to call PES when i still lived in England i cannot help but vent!!

This game is utter rubbish!

I am used to being weirded out with each new release, dating right back the SNES versions, each new version always took some adjustment, but this is just amateur hour!

After winning 9-1 online, i came to conclusion that either Konami either outsource this team to a bunch of monkeys or Sony are giving the back handers.

I cant change the button configuration properly, i cant change kits properly, i have to quit after each online game, and apparently i can run through everyone and defenders like to go walk about at a drop of a hat.

Is this all they have done in a year, and jesus does no one play this crap before releasing it!!

Fifa 2007 might be worth a rental!


29 October 2005
The fact that there is no edit mode, no match stats after games, no improvements at all in fact, really bugs me.

I think my Winning Eleven 10 on my PS2 was a much better game. Shame, really.


21 October 2002
Man Utd
There just doesnt seem to be any flow to the game and i dont know whether its me or the controller but passes seem to go wherever they went even if i am olding the opposite direction.

If i were to give this game a rating out of 10 in comparison to previous ISS/WE/Pro Evo games it will have to be touching 5.
Just a complete lazy, half-arsed effort from Konami.


15 October 2002
Liverpool F. C
Similar to oreoboy13 I don't post much but it doesn't mean I'm not here.

However, I have to say, if this thread is turning into a "Retrospective Review of PES6" then I have to say, having got over the disappointment of the lack of options/editing that I'm loving this game AT LEAST as much as any previous version.

Some of the football I'm playing (versus CPU only) is truly amazing.

Not 'cause I'm the greatest player ever (because I know I'm not after a pretty average month-on-line trial) but because the game allows it.

The goals I'm scoring remain very varied and the challenge remains enough to keep me playing for an average of an hour each day.

Just my thoughts but surely I'm not alone in thinking it's the best footy game available?


World Cup Winner
9 May 2003
i think the game is very fun and addicting, every release has been pretty good for me, because of live though, this one cant be the worst.. live makes it all worth it for me, i enjoy meeting and playing other guys from this forum... and my friends at home


13 July 2005
i have to say from playin the 360, PS2 and PC version i have to say they both have there ups and downs!

the 360 version is sumwhat a shambles of a football game, keepr for sum reason always knocks the ball to the opponents forward, whereas on the PS2/PC versions the keeprs hardly touch the ball cos the shooting is too easy!

but i still prefer the PC version ll round a lot more fun to play i think and more responsive!

whens this WE10 JL out?


League 1
4 January 2006
United States
Mexico, Arsenal
I'm trying desperately to wean my friend off the FIFA series and onto the WE/PES and I'm wondering.........is this the year to do it, or should I wait until they allow for kit editing on 360?? I know he'll get hung up on the fake kits and crap like that by the way which is why I'm asking.

Green menace

25 January 2003
Palestra Itália, Sampz
much better than fifa07
much better than PES5 (improved shooting, crossing, headers, etc)
really fun online, I play since Pes1 with my friends and our battles are awesome online

If this game had great graphics and a complete edit mode nobody would complain about it


League 2
14 July 2003
yes pes6 on the 360 is the worst i ever played. The graphics suck, the shooting is horrible, passing is bad and the game options are just sad. This game was obviously rushed so microsoft could claim they have pes exclusively for 1 year and the ps3 not.


7 August 2004
The 360 release is terrible. All responsible should for it should appear at The Hague.
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