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Winning Eleven 9 Bonus Pack Nothing New

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5 July 2004
Winning Eleven 9 Bonus Pack......nothing new.....

I know there is already a thread somewhere talking about this.

However, I just want to point it out to whoever was considering getting this and thought it is a new LIVEWARE or FINAL EVO version.

This version is a limited edition, comes with a technical how to play and how to be skillful in Winning Eleven book. The total price for the whole package with the book comes to somewhat like PS2 the best series which is reduced from previous original price. Now the package comes to YEN 2940

If you look at the attached image on the bottom left side where there is a " * " sign with 2005 follow it, the translation is that this title is exactly the same as what was released on August 2005.....

Which mean apart from the book and reduced price....the game itself is nothing new......

Thanks to KONAMI with its most successful marketing strategy....

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