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Winning Eleven 9 Help Required!


15 August 2005
Hi i have just got my copy of winning eleven 9 but it is only playing in black and white. Can somebody please help.

P.s i am using all official sony leads/equipment

Please Help

Bitter Rivals

24 January 2005
i had that problem and my tv wouldnt support it... so i used a patcher on it...and now it is in colour... other people say it doesnt work for them... but i have patched many discs because of all the diff translation patches etc...and they all work perfect in colour... look in patches section it is in there


on a game of mine and i dont have the hdd and its not chippted it has an option saying 50mz and 60mhz i click to see if 60 works its black and white does that mean i can play we9


any links to the pal/ntsc patch thing and does it always haveto be in 60 cause some of my games are 50


4 August 2004
Zygalski said:
To solve black&white you can either use the pal/ntsc switcher patch or buy an RGB scart cable.
Can you help me dude ive got my RGB scart and it turns my screen green so i got diferent one and it just plays black and white can anyone help me to get either working
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