Winning Eleven 9 J-League Asia Championship


3 January 2006
damn, that is a long title.....anyways....i am planning on traveling over to the philippines in a couple of days and am extremely interested in getting a playstation 2...this might be or actually is the dumbest question....but since i am buying the playstation 2 over in the philippines will it be a "japanese playstation 2"? and will i be able to play the winning eleve 9 j-league asia championship game for the ps2. i have numerous review on the internet an what not that makes me want to buy an "asian" playstation 2 just for this game..anyways, any info. would be great and greatly appreciated....and also, does ANYONE have an option file to convert it to english translation? thanks guys...


er i think you will find an asian PS2 which is just like a Japanese PS2. i would be very suprised if it wasnt.


19 December 2002
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Option files wont translate the game, just player names to English. If you want to edit kits, faces and that stuff, you need a chipped PS2.

Winning Eleven Champion

milanista visto che sei itliano mi spieghi come faccio a mettere i nomi in italiano in Winning Eleven 9 J-League Asia Championship io la ps2 modificata naturalmente se mi dici dove e trovo e come metto questo file opzioni mi fai un favore
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