Winning Eleven 9 Widescreen...


4 August 2003
First of all. I love Winning Eleven and I have just about every WE game for PS2. WE5, WE5FE, WE5JL, WE6, WE6FE, WE6JL, WE7, WE7I, WE8, WE8K-League, WE8LE, and finally WE9.

I love everything about WE9... but.. where's the WIDESCREEN? My TV can play the game with "widezoom" but.. it bothers me knowing that a REAL widescreen view is much better. anyways.. is this just somethign that I have not found? or is WIDESCREEN still not yet available on WE.

Also, have any of you tried to play ONLINE? i went to the website and it said that it's free from now until the 21st of this month...


i think that stadion you can unlock is from leverkussen


21 March 2004
Man Utd
Its a bit stupid, the games made ffor Japan, were Widescreen is the bare minimum, unlike in UK, people still have 4:3 tvs.


League 2
12 November 2001
i would recommend using WIDE view, ANGLE 9, and then using widezoom on the widescreen tv to give you the least distortion... you also get to see nearly all the playable area of the pitch, and both the clock, score and radar
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