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Winning eleven / PES Chronologie


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3 June 2004
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Thanks man. I thought I had all the games in the series. It turns out I've missed a few. :lol:


4 December 2004
Deportivo Toluca FC
the only complaint i have with that list is that it doesn't include the Games released in the United States prior to Winning Eleven 6


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30 December 2001
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Pro Evolution Soccer 2 2002 this is Historically when most ppl started playing Konami footy.

My first game was 1996 iss duluxe on the Mega Drive


14 October 2004
where are the international superstar soccer games for the snes??? i had those too :P those games were the beginning of this legendary game


ok mens

i'll checked only Jap series : winning eleven
and europeen series : pes
and only playstation release
not the US major league release

but wou're write i can include ISS on nes in the check list :) cause its was a graet game :mrgreen:


:applause: Kawai
it was just for associate game's name to his jacket :)
soon there 'll had enlarges jacket's link

sorry for my english i suck 8) :lmao:
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