winning eleven/pro evo soccer 2007?


11 August 2005
hello,i saw the above title released in feb of this year and was wondering if its a different game or just pro evo 6????? if its pro evo 6 why the new name and why only just came out in feb after pro evo 6 been out ages ???? :-):(
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30 July 2005
Krapina, Croatia
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Re: winning eleven pro evo soccer 2007?????????????????

First of all, could you please edit your topic title, cause with only 1 ? we would know that you want to find something out. Second, when we are talking about Konami, you cant use term "new game". They made new game in pes series on PS One. When transfering from Nintendo. Now, they are praising ML, and their "huge" improvements, which are ruining our beloved game..
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