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Winning Eleven: Pro Evolution Soccer 2007 (DS, PC, PS2, PSP, X360)


10 January 2003
That's right. Konami just revealed their full lineup. It seems that there's no PS3 version announced (yet).

Is this bad news? Certainly not! This means that the next installation of the game on the 360 will just be an upgraded port. So is a TRUE next-gen Winning Eleven being developed for the PS3 alone? It would seem so, and I sure hope so.


Salad Yute!
27 April 2003
New York
Arsenal FC
Hey, saw this a second ago as well. The guy at the MS E3 Conference said that there would be a PES game for X360 coming in the Fall 2006 as well. The first to be next-gen in the series.

I'm guessing that it's gonna be in January as stated by Konami here though.


Champions League
19 May 2004
Jan is US release right?

when you think WE will be released for DS in Japan?


31 January 2004
Man!!!! I was really thinking for a moment about selling my PSP and buy a DS (worse graphics, but the games are WAAAAYYY more awesome... and cheaper!!). But after seeing those screens (they look REALLY bad) I think I'll just keep my PSP... I really hope Konami will release PES6 on the PSP soon.

I am, however, totally buying a Wii. It just looks fantastic, really innovative and all.


21 March 2004
Man Utd


WOW Next gen WE/PES!!!


17 April 2004
North Yorkshire
The first pic I like (Adriano mainly), the second looks odd. :shock:

Who is number 30 for Chelsea?
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1 May 2002
Im thinking those screens are probably for ps3. And the rest of the consoles will get a port of the ps2 version?


29 July 2003
Amadora, Portugal
SL Benfica
Seems to me they did Adriano and Terry in true next gen detail, some random players to fill the screen, and the stadium and backgrounds/crowd look like they're still from ps2 version.

It's just a glimpse of what it'll look like. I like it ;)
7 August 2004
The first pic looks ok for waxness, the second one is the poorer one. I get the impression that they need to add a softning filter to the skins as the lighting is making them to 'hard' (read: waxy).


3 October 2003
Central Park
Cowdenbeath FC
pics look like stills from a vid. should get some more stuff as e3 progresses.

at the microsoft conference they said pro evolution soccer was part of their next set of big games.

theyve managed to get GTA at the same time as ps for the first time. PES to be launched on 360 first??


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19 May 2004
anyone reckon we might see WE 10: FE version on PS3 come march/april next year.
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