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World Cup 2006: Crazy Ass Skillz (my summer compilations)


30 May 2003
WE Heaven
Hey everybody,

I would love to invite you to watch my newest compilation. What I have here is some of the cool individual skills from the last world cup by your favorite stars, kicking it to my FAVORITE summer chill-out joint by one of my favorite hip hop groups Naughty by Nature.

I do not the have all the best clips but I do have some good ones. Most of the clips I have were capped straight from matches, not replays so you couldn't really see shit so I only used the ones that were the best quality and easy on the eyes.

This is by far my best compilation because I enjoyed making it the most. I think you can see bits of my personality reflected throughout the video.

So turn your volume way UP and let me take you back in time. Hope you enjoy it. If it's not your style, too bad. :( And look forward to more comps from me this summer!



25 December 2006
great work man i enjoyed it thanks alot

@ ThomasGOAL thanks too i watched it b4 but i really don't get bored to repeat it again and again simply zizou is wizard shame to lost him !
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