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World Cup 2010 - NederlandsThread - Hup Holland Hup


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22 December 2001
Holland got a 100% score in the qualifiers.
Holland has sofar a 100% score in South Africa.
I find that pretty convincing :WORSHIP:

Of course there were matches that could have go either way, but we always have a strong attack that decides it for us. That's why we have a 100% score.
We will not make the same mistake Argentina made, or England.
Thanks to the work of de Jong and van Bommel our defence is rarely under pressure. That makes us hard to beat.

I am not saying that we easily win the World Cup, maybe we don't, but we are very hard to beat; we won 25 matches since our last loss: What more should we do to convince people?


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28 May 2007
Man Utd, Juve
Damn you Netherlandians.

There goes my bet...

Anyway should be a good final vs the loving and warm neighbours ;)


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22 December 2001
I am not so sure it will be Germany. Spain will not make the same tactical blunders as Argentina.
I prefer Spain :)


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16 May 2005
Timisoara (Romania)
FC Barcelona, Rapid Buch.
Actually, I just checked and apparently the Brazilian team of 1970 did the same. Won all their 6 qualifying matches as well. Though I don't know why it would only be 6 qualifying matches only....
Uruguay 1930 also won every game... all 4 of them :))

So it'd be

Uru 4 1930
Bra 12 1970
Ned 15 2010


28 July 2006
I prefer we face Spain rather than Germany, I think it would be an exciting match between two teams who have never won a world cup.


30 December 2002
Come on the Dutch! I hope you do it, I saw the Orange three times, twice in Durban and once in PE, I really hope you beat Spain. You play a fair and honest game and the fans are great people.


30 December 2002
Unlucky lads, I saw three of your games out there in SA, and I know it's little consilation, but you were by far and away the best fans at the tournament!


2 August 2004
I feel for you guys! :)

Came within an inch of winning it!

I think the fans will be proud nonetheless. Good players, good coach, I'm happy with everyone. Gio goes out with another good performance and a bang! What a legend! Mathijsen and co. gave everything they had!!

I'm proud of the Dutch. :WORSHIP:


30 December 2002
I just hope they can break this mental barrier of the final... and hopefully it won't be 30+ years to wait again.


27 December 2002
Fluminense FC / Arsenal
Wow, I wonder what is to play beautifully according to Johan Cruyff. Would he pay to watch his own National Team?

I was ready to support Holland earlier on the tournament, but I just couldn't bring myself to it. It was hands down the dirtiest and ugliest football seen in this WC.


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5 September 2006
Some of the most despicable football I've seen in a long time.

And they had the cheek to implement in a World Cup final. Inevitably, they ended up shooting themselves in their own foot by resorting to such dirty foul-play.
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