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World Cup 2010 - The Italy Thread - Prandelli!!!

lo zio

24 October 2005
rfu said:
Interesting that you didn't mention Marchisio, Santon, Candreva, Sirigu and even Aquilani... in any case, I wish I shared your enthusiasm
yeah theese are also some very good names. i'm not enthusiast however... i just think we're not doomed. we don't lack of creative players at all (that's for sure)... our current issue is the lack of personality... and that's what prevents us from taking advantage of our creativity (as i said before)..... and btw, when i remarked the lack of personality of lippi's team, i certainly wasn't referring to de rossi, who is actually one of the few true leaders in italy's team right now.

as for chiellini, stef, u always have to consider what it means to play along cannavaro theese days....

also the athleticism point isn't really a good one imo. form is temporary by definition.... those very same players who looked completely worn out just a few weeks ago, might well be in great shape in a few weeks. but i can understand why u made this point rfu... as a matter of fact italy's players were always "late on the ball" in all their world cup matches.
rfu said:
For me, not the best of examples because at that point it was an absolute necessity that Italy throw caution to the wind. But I think Quagliarella is generally a gutsy player, look at all those crazy goals he's scored over the years.
yeah u're right... but then again, even if, like u correctly said, we had nothing left to lose, the only one who actually did it, the only one who actually tried to take some risks was quagliarella. :))
rfu said:
But I feel a player like Camoranesi or Ozil is something Itlay could use when you need to abruptly shift gears. There are few Italians who are technical on the ball and can go on slaloming runs, evading 2 or 3 challenges. There's Giovinco I guess, an incredible talent, but just not up to it, physically. You had Rosina but he needs to be reeled in and brought back in the fold immediately.
that's where we disagree mate. we have a lot of players who can do that. let alone rosina and giovinco, there's candreva, there's montolivo, there's aquilani (hoping he will eventually solve his injury problems). we have plenty of potential world class players who could provide that..... once again the real issue imo is personality, confidence, guts.
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