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Worst football news title EVER


12 December 2002
Little Mancunia
Hahaha..that was funny.How ironic that i came across this today and was like wtf??

Reserve coach in bed with Keane

I never thought Keane was gay...


Deep like Titanic
10 August 2004
The Arse
The Wankdorf one has got to be a joke. The editor probably thought no one would read to story otherwise (fascinating as it is).

:: JJ ::

I remember that one on Sky Sports' website (I think) about 2 years ago that had "Man City fills Schmeichel's gap with Seaman"... but the innuendo isn't as bad as the Wankdorf one :lol:


28 September 2003
Hahah yeah seen that on Kontraband.

They should get Tobias from Arrested Development to write these headlines.
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