Would this laptop play pes6


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4 January 2006
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hell yes, that's a beast, better than my desktop which runs pes6 great (well, except for the fact that I can't use HD gk kits--who needs 'em?)


4 November 2006
The Nvidia 7600 is a decent card on par with the ATI X1600 in my lappie, although it is said to have better heat management

You will be able to play with all settings on high (not applicable if you try to scale up to 1900x1700 or something like that on a external TV)

See notebookreview.com forum > graphic sub section for further info


14 December 2006
mine is
1.86 centireno, 1.5GB ram, built in 128mb intel GMA graphics accelerator

the game run on medium smoothly ... it runs as well on high but not as smooth

so that laptop wont have a problem with PES6
i don't think it would have problems running high end FPS games either
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Gareth G

Weve got a joker. i bought the laptop today, and i got to say it's great, plays pes6 like a dream, but i get a few horizontel bars going up the screen now and then:D but i will get it fixed.


4 November 2006
You cannot upgrade the GPU on 99% of laptops

The few exceptions are Dell laptops; if 2 or more dedicated cards (read not integrated) are offered and you choose the weakest card, you can upgrade to the more expensive one

As for the black bars scrolling on the screen, see this thread for info. I think changing drivers is worth a go
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