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Would This Work?


21 January 2007
Would this work...?

If I saved a file (replay) and then found it using a converter and convert it to a playable file on pc for example if i converted it to a 3gp...Would this work and play?

Many Thanks In Advance!



I love lamp
18 March 2006
I'm not sure. SOmething tells me the replay files are not the actual video, but parameters such as recorded button presses, stadium, squad list etc. SO I doubt very much that would work if there is no video in the file to begin with.


28 July 2006
RSC Anderlecht
How would I actually go about so I can host them on here ? Or host them on youtube?
just record the replay with fraps. Than you have a big file so you can use windows movie maker to save it as wmv so it²s about 1mb. That's how I do it.

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