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Wouldn't it be nice



if in Pro Evo 6 the ability to patch/edit was made a whole lot easier. I'm new to all this sort of thing, am downloading the legends patch at the moment but everything seems so complicated. In Footy Manager my other favourite game its just a matter of running an EXE file and it changes it all for you.

Not that I am complaining about peoples good work on here, its amazing what you can do. Im looking forward to playing with England and Brazil from 1970, Holland 74, Argentina & Scotland 78, Northern Ireland 82, Argentina 86, England & Germany 1990, Bulgaria & Romania 94, France 1998 - just a few of my favourite teams from down the years. MOst of them should be in there somewhere, apart from the less well known ones


Agreed, maybe a parody of the song with our wishes for Pro Evo 6 was made!!


24 August 2006
Northern Ireland Belfast
well seeing as we(northern ireland) are a small country the chances of seing our 82 team in a game will most likely not happen. just take alook at the northern ireland team in pro evo 5 now. andy smith up front lol. aye right amnd neil lennon i think is stil there


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1 October 2003
Manchester United
Well if someone made a ppf patch, it would probably be possible to make an exe out of it.
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