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WOW check this out-->IPOD almost free

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oh dear...

why is it always the lads with the lowest post counts who keeps trying to lure us into these false advertisements? i swear, there's some sort of conspiricy going on, people from all around are just trying to come on to evo-web to annoy us with these "get rich quick" schemes... (well in this case we'd win an ipod, still you could probably sell it and make money)



Giroux said:
I'm sure it works...my friend have done it but its kinda hard...need some work

well , ur friend goto store, break in and stole the ipod, u neeed this kinda work, go and try it... :roll:


C Dub
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6 October 2001
For fucks sake, how many times do I have to delete this type of thread?

The next person who posts something like this will be hunted down and killed
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