X-Port Problem

Shockin' The Prem

Shockin' The Prem
5 August 2004
Wasn't sure exactly what section this should go in, if it's in a wrong one could a Moderator please move it, thanks.

I have had an X-Port for quite a while now, as far as I remember it used to work flawlessly. I recently got a slimline PS2 and connected up my PC to the PS2 via the X-Port wire.

I then open the X-Port program, click Mem Card like I used to, and it used to load all files off my memory card. Now, however when I click Mem Card, it doesnt even search and just says 'Empty.'

This is becoming a real problem and I've looked on google briefly and found nothing relating to the subject. If anyone can help it'll be greatly appreciated.


21 March 2004
Never seen 'empty' using an old PS2. Only USB error when I don't connect and switch on every thing in the right order.
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