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Xbox/360 and WE/PES


West Midlands Village fan
21 May 2005
Well I thought after all the comments in the WE forum that it should have a home of it's own.

So what do we know, links to articles seen, that kinda thing.

I figure as this "supposed" to be the day we get answers it's a good time just incase we get wind of more than we thought (raises hands to the sky and prays).

I just wanna start off by resuming the next gen convo from the WE forum and pleading for some more details on this. If it's not next gen then why?




also 4th quarter this year release date specified for the 360 version which fits in if the PS3 is being "Worldwide" Released in November.



West Midlands Village fan
21 May 2005
Well confirmation of it's a workin title is great to start with, I gotta end this next gen topic cause I think I missed the sarcasm in the other posts, lol

360 is next gen, I 've read it in countless interviews from MS and developers over time.

Sorry for bein so fick. ;)
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