Xbox 360 Patch


nike legend

Is there a patch for the 360 version?????!!! if so how do you put it on the game? cheers.


11 November 2003
sadly very true :(! has anyone looked into patching it, ie the usual game breakers (! ) or has it been deemed impossible......... or just not worth it due to shitness!?


League 1
19 October 2004
Liverpool FC
deemed impossible until the xbox 360 can run unsigned code :(

Although to be fair - massive steps have been recently made into this, what with the hypervisor exploit


Konami Employee
14 September 2003
It's possible, you can do it with every Xbox game. You just dump the save (option file in this case) to you PC. Then find a program that can read it, edit from there and put it back on your Xbox.
I'm not sure if such an app is available for PES though.


Greek WE Maniac
7 September 2004
when one Day we will have tools for the 360 than i hope Patches can be done like on the good old PS2, but this will take a lot of time!!!
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