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Go nuts guys!

I'm sure I'm not the only person who'd like a few tips and pointers from the experts. I don't get to play it as much as some of you seem to. So I'm happy to admit that you're most likely better at the game than me - any advice and tips would be much appreciated.

btw. I don't play Live. Just 2 player games against my mates on Sundays when we're hungover!


I'll give you a tip
because of the way the new pro evo plays ie,having to build up your play to get a chance it is easy to spend the whole game trying to carve out an opportunity.I played a few games where i'd end up having no shots at the end. Try and shoot at goal when you get a chance in and around the area. If you don't shoot you don't score.
Secondly i'd recommend getting as many crosses as you can into the box as this seems easier to score from than the last version.
For free kicks and long range shooting i'd agree with cowden_harley and give the tutorials a go. They start off very basic but the advanced stuff is good to know.


23 October 2002
I play with a 3-5-2 formation with both my forwards pushed up as far as they can. I play with all my forwards and midfield with attacking attitude and my defensive midfielder with defence and attacking attitude. This is effective as it packs out my midfield with the option to attack either through the middle or out wide. Having two fast forwards help as with the formation and attitude the through ball works well. I think to score more goals on this game you need to be quick thinking and unlike the previous games you need to be two moves ahed of yourselves. For example on PES4 a good one two would have put you through but now you need to be thinking wheres the next pass after that. Just my thought hope you worked for me


Try and get as many passes going at least 5+ and you will find you will be creating space in no time. Ow and super cancel is emence


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15 June 2003
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Super Cancel is a must as its what allows you to steal that yard and nick the ball past a defender.
It allows you to change direction and intercept the ball, come back deep to meet a through ball - fooling the defender and giving you time to turn and shoot or look for a pass etc....

If you don`t use Super Cancel you are missing out on a lot of PES, as you may have noticed your players sometimes seem to wait or slow down whilst waiting for a pass or through ball - letting the defender tackle or get a foot in and gain possession.

Using Super Cancel you can control the player in these situations, meaning you get to the ball first AND have some space.

I like to use it to change the direction of attack when meeting passes.
ie. I playa through ball from CM out to the LWF. As the pass is coming I Super Cancel the LWF and run him out towards the byline slightly, then bring him back sharply to meet the ball and come inside a flailing defender, who was expecting me to go straght up the wing.
This gives me space for a shot, a pass or carry on the run as using Super Cancel gives your player some decent momentum, especially when used with the dribbling skills.

I also love using it to attack the ball from unexpected angles and hit shots that the opponent aren`t expecting.

When receiving a pass with a CF you can Super Cancel to run away from the ball, leaving the defender to miss the ball and you to run`s kind of like letting the ball go one side of the defender and running round the other side of him.
Similar to this is when receiving a ball you can Super Cancel to run in the same direction of the ball. The defender has usually come to meet you expecting you to be stood ready to recieve the ball, except you are`nt there and the ball runs through for you to bag the winner.
Sheringham does this a lot, where he kind of fakes to meet the ball but lets it run and the DF misses it. Looks sweet when u pull it off! :D

Take a look at the Training, there is a small demo of Super Cancel in there which I use as well, to reposition my attcker for shots on goal.

I couldn`t even imagine playing without using Super Cancel, but then again I never thought I`d write this much when I pressed the reply button... :)


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22 December 2001
Great post Rikman :)
I know some of your examples but things like the one where you do super cancel to move outwards and sharply cut inside was one I never thought of. I mostly used it to avoid the ball going out and your player does nothing about it :)
I use a PS2-converter, so I am using the normal playstation-gamepad. Even for this pad I find the super-cancel clumsy to execute both R1+R2 buttons.
Some people us another button configuration for it: You too?


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15 June 2003
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Nope, I use converters so I play with a PS2 pad on both my XBox and PC.
The only change I have made to the button config is I play on PC with L2 as change man rather than L1 - this is because you have to on the XBox version and I got so used to it, it`s like second nature now! :)
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