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Xgroup Stand Up 2.0 Road to WC2006. Now online


18 June 2005
Xgroup Stand up 2.0. (sorry for my english...i make my best)

Database; By Papia
- All the world's cup teams, with calling update (for exemple, already replace Green (eng), Gibbs (usa), Vonlanthen (Swi),Edmilson (bra), Del Horno (spa), Tanaka (Jap) ecc), right numbers of shirt, right back names
- The teams are the right tactics, the players the right positioning (i have change, for exemple, the position CM--> DM for the difensive midfield ecc), right shot for corners, penalties ecc....
- I create new players that missing, with perfect stats, appareance, height, weight, foot
- New teams for the WC2006; togo, angola, Ghana e T&Tobago, create with perfect stats, appareance, height, weight, foot (see you if you don't believe me!Choose a players at random and see -:)
- I have associate more then 270 players with the right boots (thanx to evoweb!). All the WC2006 and for the team
- I have changed more than 50 rejoice for much more players
- I have modified much more stats sensational WRONG. In Italy, with the new crack (Tavano, Toni, Jimenez, Quagliarella,Lucarelli,Amelia,Iaquinta ecc) and in Europe (sometimes thanx to evoweb), for exemple; Abidal,Hilton,Jussie,Piquionne,BenArfa,Thomert,Lennon,Rogueiro,Danobeitia,Villa,Kone,Cris,Taiwo,Petrov,Eboue,Nolan,Arteta,Cahill,Bent,Podolski,Kahe,Metersacker,Kuyt,Nelson,Tevez,Simao,Quaresma,Roberts,Hleb,Maniche,Odemwinge ecc
- light overslow; now the PING PONG into PES5 is disapper!!! Normal reduction of acceleration and top speed and aggression,light increase for the short pass, goalkeeper ability and much more. Now the game is real and very good play
- Much more new appareance: Boularhouz,J.Cole,Crespo,Cudicini,DeJong,Defoe,Ricken,Robben,Rommedhal,Iniesta,Heitinga,Heskey,Rooney,J.Cesar,Carvalho,Cech,Beattie,Barbarez,Andrade,Abidal,Smith,Geremi,Downing,Sonck,Viduka and more again
- Create 3 new teams; Boca Juniors, River Plate and Corinthias that replace Djugardens, FC Kopenaghen and WE United, with perfect stats, appareance,height, weight, foot and perfect tactics

Graphics: by Finucc e Markg:
- New balls:
Adidas Teamgeist FCB replace Adidas Pelias II
Adidas Finale Paris 2006 replace Adidas Finale

- All the new kits of the national teams for the WC2006, with the number on the right for the adidas and puma's kits.
- New teams, Togo, T&Tobago, Angola and Ghana replace Classic England,France, Brazil and Germany
- New kits for boca juniors, corinthians e river plate
- New background, for WC2006
- New kits for the refree for WC2006
- Update for the palermo,reggina and roma's kits, and update all the bugs of the stand up 1.0

Sound: by Godzilla. (special thank to go7)
All the Serie A,Liga ecc chants with the relink. Specific:

SERIE A 169 new chants

Milan 18 Real Chants
Juventus 10 Real Chants
Inter 11 Real Chants
Lazio 10 Real Chants
Roma 5 Real Chants
Parma 6 Real Chants
Ascoli 6 Real Chants
Fiorentina 8 Real Chants
Empoli 12 Real Chants
Siena 8 Real Chants
Messina 11 Real Chants
Livorno 7 Real Chants
Udinese 8 Real Chants
Cagliari 7 Real Chants
Chievo Verona Generici *8 Real Chants
Reggina 5 Real Chants
Sampdoria 12 Real Chants
Treviso Generici *8 Real Chants
Palermo 10 Real Chants
Lecce 15 Real Chants

Ligue 1; 31 new chants

Lione 9 Real Chants
Marsiglia 7 Real Chants->anakinbdr
Psg 5 Real Chants->anakinbdr
Bordeaux 5 Real Chants->anakinbdr
Monaco 5 Real Chants->anakinbdr

Bundesliga; 10 new chants

Stoccarda 10 Real Chant

Liga 33 new chants

Real Sociedad 3 Real Chants
Real Madrid 8 Real Chants
Barcellona 6 Real Chants
Betis 3 Real Chants
Valencia 8 Real Chants
Deportivo 5 Real Chants->anakinbdr

Portugal 10 new chants

Porto 5 Real Chants->anakinbdr
Benfica 5 Real Chants->anakinbdr

Premier League 33 new chants

Chelsea 5 Real Chants
Arsenal 4 Real Chants
Manchester United 11 Real Chants
Blackbur Rovers 1 Real Chants
Fulham 2 Real Chants
Liverpool 5 Real Chants->anakinbdr
West Ham 3 Real Chants

Eredivisie 5 new chants

Ajax 5 Real Chants->anakinbdr

Generic 20 new chants

Generici Serie A-B 8 Real Chants
Generici Bundesliga 5 Real Chants
Generici Lfp 5 Real Chants
Generici Premier League 2 Real Chants

National teams 16 new chants

Germania 1 Real Chants
Spagna 2 Real Chants
Giappone 2 Real Chants
Brasile 1 Real Chants
Turchia 2 Real Chants
Korea 5 Real Chants
Italia 3 Real Chants


Total 327 Real Chants

New music:

1 - Sigla Uefa Champions
2 - Sigla Uefa Champions
6 - Highlights 4 - Pink floyd - One of these days
10 - Menu 1: Tiga - You gonna want me
11 - Menu 2: Eurythmics - Sweet dreams (techno trance rmx)
12 - Menu 3: New Order - Crystal
13 - Menu 4: FC Kahuna - Glitterball
14 - Master league: Motel Connection - All over
15 - League: Seb Fontaine - Bacardi Breeazer
16 - edit mode: Goldfrapp - Number 1
17 - Museo: Subsonica - My blues is you
18 - Boozoo bajou - night over manaus
19 - Bananeira (remixed by Rae & Christian)
21 Formation: Primal Scream Feat Kate Moss - Some Ve
22 Formazione: big game chemical out of control
22 Replay: Muse - Muscle Museum (2 Many DJs remix)
23 Allenamento - Daniele Silvestri - Salirò

36-43 Stadium music (8) between 1st and 2nd time
(Klint - Diamond,Elisa - Together,Gorillaz - Dare, Moby - Beatiful,Oasis - Alive,Depeche Mode - Precious,Motel Connection - Two,Timo Maas - Special K)

otext dzk:

oSound dzk:

Option file:

Utility that you needs VERY IMPORTANT:

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13 June 2005
Only the first part link works for me others don't.Sounds like a nice patch!


18 June 2005
I've change the link, i have made an error. But there' much more traffic in download, be patience, my friends! If you want a "favourite way" contact me in pvt


18 June 2005


League 2
26 December 2004
nerf said:
Downloading too, looking forward to it.

Will I have to make an e_text, and if so, how?
Thanks Papia! Great release!
Well the last time I converted the i_text file I extracted all files with *DKZ_Studio, renamed (easiest way is to use a renaming prg) the ixxxx.txs files to exxxx.txs files. In DKZ you then open a e_text file and import folder (with the new exxxx.txs files). You'll now have the new graphpics, but some text will be italian cause they are in fact *.txs files, so you'll have to open the new "patched" e_text in *Graphics Studio and replace a few *.txs files with italian text with english ones. And can't remember witch one they are... I'm currently playing PES on my xbox 360, and therefor I'm not doing any editing on my old xbox, but if no one converts it I'll may give it another go :)

*These prg can be DL via this thread: http://www.evo-web.co.uk/forums/showthread.php?t=24059


League 2
26 December 2004
It's been awhile since I've done this, but the procedure I wrote earlier wasn't quite right. What I've done is extracted the txs files from X Group and made a patch witch I then applied to a e_text.afs. I then edited a few of the files inside the afs, regarding graphics with text on. I did a small test and I think it works.. Here it is:


This is all X Groups work, I've just replaced the italian text files with english ones, and changed a few graphic files with text in them...
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4 December 2005
I've got the patch working, but only half of it.

The kits etc are all working but for some reason Trinidad still have (I think) France's flag. None of the backgrounds or league logos are different. Do I have to rename i_text.afs?


Chrissy_G said:
I've got the patch working, but only half of it.

The kits etc are all working but for some reason Trinidad still have (I think) France's flag. None of the backgrounds or league logos are different. Do I have to rename i_text.afs?
Yes Trinidad (and Ghana,Togo,Angola too) has the flag of the classics team...there is no way to change the flag of france classic team without changing the flag of France .Flags of Normal and classic national team are the same.

Sorry for my english but i'm Italian ;)


4 December 2005
dockside said:
Yes Trinidad (and Ghana,Togo,Angola too) has the flag of the classics team...there is no way to change the flag of france classic team without changing the flag of France .Flags of Normal and classic national team are the same.

Sorry for my english but i'm Italian ;)
Found that out, very dissapointed! I'm going to swap Ghana etc with teams like China and so on. Got a feeling it may take me a while!!


4 September 2003


E:/UDATA/4b4e0030/5252897584A1/ (( exchanged the file inside this directory

( nice choice of music man .. and graphics are awsommmmmmm ;)


4 September 2003
Bug Report ... the worldcup Ball in the choice menu .. looks bit funny ..

i'll post picture later on .. THANKX :) again for the marvelus work


18 June 2005
Into the our forum, http://www.xgroupteam.altervista.org/, into the fix.s area there's the new 2 balls, and 3 new kits. There's the we9 version of the patch, and some other things.
Thanx a lot of, honey_uk. I'm really funny that you like music (You gonna want me - Tiga ?) and the grapichs. D'you like the real chants for much more teams?
What d'you think of database? I'm database editor of xgroup, and i know better the premiership. I think that i make a great work for the database. Much more new players, update stats.
One question; d'you take the normal option file or the option file with overslow?

For grimmer. you need the right option file.
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