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Yahoo Fantasy Football


28 September 2003
This fantasy football game is the most popular in the world, im surprised we dont have a league running here on evo web.

It has the most interesting scoring system and requires a lot more thought ana analysis rather than the regular fantasy games.

Now i know we are into week 11 but if we all make new accounts we can have a league running.


Goal (G) 7 points
Assist (A) 4 points
Match-Winning Goal (MWG) 2 extra points
Set-Piece Goal (SPG) 3 extra points
Shot on Target (SOT) 3 points
Successful Cross (SC) 1 points
Winning a Foul (FW) 0.5 points
Winning a Corner (CW) 1 points
Penalty Kick Missed or Saved (PKM) -6 points

Blocked Shot (BS) 2 points
Pass Intercepted (PI) 0.5 points
Winning a Tackle (TW) 0.5 points
Last-Man Saving Tackle (ST) 2 points
Clean Sheet (CS) 4 points
Foul Committed (FC) -0.5 points
Penalty Committed (PC) -3 points
Own Goal (OG) -3 points
Yellow Card (YC) -3 points
Red Card (RC) -6 points

Win (W) 4 points
Loss (L) -2 points
Tie (T) 1 points
Save (SV) 2 points
Penalty Kick Save (PKS) 8 points
Clean Sheet (CS) 5 points
Goal Allowed (GA) -3 points
Miscelaneous (MISC) Total of attacking, defending & discipline points

It has fluctuating prices and really feels like the best fantasy game out there.


28 September 2003
Yeah why dont set up a private group for Evo Webbers, but then we should also make fresh accounts to compete.
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