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Your best Goal So Far


25 December 2005
Whats your best goal so far as last night I was barcelona on top setting and I scored 20 pass goal and proper 20 passes and then Messi scored it was against Ac Milan.

Stupid replay only shows two of the passes and doesn't show the whole move.:(

Big Boss

KJH = The Hunter!
23 July 2003
The Netherlands
Ajax & Strasbourg
I like that backhell FF! :)

Is scored a nice one with Edgar davids yesterday, i was playing with Holland in the IC. I played a long ball from the leftside of midfield with Robin van Persie, and Davids was on the edge of the box, controlled it on his chest and then volleyed home, looked really nice and realistic how he hit the ball.


I've scored all types, george weah type runs, long shots, volleys but personally i just love the crossed goals. Theres nothing satisying than putting in a lovely cross and finishing with a diving header or scissor kick. Off the bar and onto the keepers head or back and into the net is always good too.
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