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YOUR Pro Evo 5 PC Goals *official*



this is the PC Pro EVo 5 goals thread
post what u think is a good goal
u must also mention how many stars u were playing on
a quick description of what happens aswell please!

i shall start everyone off

Team - Real Madrid
Scorer - Michael Owen
Stars - 4
Oppenents - Valencia
Goal - Shot into top right corner outside box..(like argentina WC 98!)

link to goal - Argentina 98


awh come on ppl...lets get this thread going,,,
here i give u a beckham

Team - Real Madrid
Scorer - Beckham
Stars - 4
Oppenents - Valencia
Goal - Shot into top right corner

link to goal - Beckham Screamer!


27 September 2005
beat you all!!

Real Madrid vs Chelsea 4 stars
Ronaldo a in the middle of the opponents field, shot right into the the stolp who is on top, and into the corner.... (suck in english)

-----------O- -------------
| | | O |
| | | |
| | | |

O = the ball
the other things is the goal
----- = the top stolp???
| = stolp

But however it was a nice goal!!


You'll Never Walk Alone!
14 June 2005
Ronaldo Flip Flap Goal

Team - Real Madrid
Scorer - Ronaldo
Stars - 5
Oppenents - Chelsea
Goal - Stand off with John Terry, leave him for dead with the famous 'flip flap' move then drive it into the bottom left hand corner past Petr Cech.



La Liga
8 March 2004
Havn't done any long rangers yet. I do like the Ljunberg volley. Here's two decent goals:

Stars - 5
Oppenents - Chelski
Goal - Crap free kick falls to Zidane who shows how its done.

Stars - 5
Oppenents - Chelski
Goal - Chipped through-ball that Ronaldo dispatches first time with power. Cech's outstreched arm not strong enough to parry.
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