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Your Top 3 Games Of All Time?


C Dub
Founding Member
6 October 2001
Thought it would be interesting to see how wide and varied our games tastes are. There is no limit on this, just go as far back as you can remember.

Here are my 3...
Escape From Monkey Island


Retired Footballer
27 April 2002
Monkey Island was fookin awesome

mine is after a long think

Broken Sword

and a special mention to Halo and Resi :)

Quick Edit: I forgot C&C ;)
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Bungie's Bitch
28 August 2002
In no particular order....

Super Mario 64 - Nintendo 64

Even though I am 28, the N64 was the first console I actually owned. SM64 was the flagship title for the console and I played it to death. It was such a fantastic game and I the first game I actually wanted to play all the way through. I haven't played it in years, however; I am not one to return to playing classics for fear of tarnishing my memories.

Halo - Xbox

For me the best FPS I have ever played. At the moment it seems to be "cool" to criticise everything about the franchise at the moment. I never really understood why people liked FPS games until I played Halo. The pacing, story, characters both human and covenant, music and most important of all the gameplay are all fantastic. I enjoyed Halo2, but for me it doesn't "quite" match the overall experience of Halo.

Kick Off 2 - Amiga

I have really really struggled with my no.3 entry. Even now I am not sure whether KO2 is worthy of being here. Is it the best footy game made? Nope. However it pretty much deserves to be here for the amount of time it wasted from my childhood. The gameplay was simple yet brilliantly challenging and I played it for hours.

Other worthy mentions:

PGR2 (Xbox)
Flashback (Amiga)
Zelda: The Wind Waker (Gamecube)
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Chris Davies

Chief PESsimist
14 May 2003
Tranmere Rovers
That's funny, I've mentioned my top three a few times over the last month... Otherwise I wouldn't be able to remember what mine are! ;)

Football Manager 2007
Sensible World Of Soccer
The Oddworld Series
(if you're going to say "pick one", Abe's Oddysee)

Quite close to call, but at the same time there was nothing else I could have picked. I don't finish 99% of my games, especially now on the 360 where it seems there's a quality title out every bloody week, but FM 2007 I could play every single day until I die and not moan about it (as with every single previous version), Sensible World Of Soccer was played every single day at my house for what must have been over a year (so much to do, so many teams to be, such a challenge finding decent players for your Ecuadorian Premiership team - will we ever see a game with such a deep database again?), and Abe's Oddysee was the first game since Super Mario 2 on the NES that made me sit down and finish it - over and over again (I can't think of any other game I've finished more than once, apart from Abe's Exoddus).

Guitar Hero nearly made it, simply because it's not your average game (if the Wii can make you feel anything like GH then I will be getting one without a doubt), Winning Eleven 6: FE nearly makes it because my dad, who previously didn't really give a monkeys about games, couldn't comprehend how a game could be so good (so it must have been bloody good), and Gears Of War nearly made it because, quite simply, it has the best gameplay any shooter has ever seen.


18 March 2003
Well it's really hard to put down a Top 3, and I'd probably write something different every day. I'll stick to the games that impressed me the most when they were released.

Monkey Island I
Out of my personal Top 20, at least 10 games would be adventure games, and it's hard to pick one out with amazing titles such as Simon the Sorcerer, DOTT, Zak, Broken Sword, Space Quest etc. MI1 was filled with great characters, locations and puzzles, and the humor was outstanding and unique. It brought point-and-click to the next level and had a major influence on all adventure games to follow.

The first GTA to go 3D, this was just mind-blowing at its time. I don't say any of its successors were any worse, but when this came out it redefined freedom and environment detail in video games.

Doom just blew me away when it came out. There had been pseudo-3D games like Wolfenstein 3D before, but seeing Doom running smooth in full-screen on the brand-new Pentium 60 was unbelievable.


100% Werder!
13 July 2005
United States of Arrogance
Werder Bremen
The Descent series - Yes, I still play them to this day.

Freespace: The Great War and Freespace 2 - Again still playing.

Resident Evil 1/Remake or Duke Nukem 3D - I can't make my mind up on this one.
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Big Boss

KJH = The Hunter!
23 July 2003
The Netherlands
Ajax & Strasbourg
Thats hard to choose...ill go with:

Metal Gear Solid (psx)

Zelda OOT (N64)

GTA 3 (ps2)

Offcourse ISS/PES/WE are also awesome, but ive played so many over the past 10 years, i wouldnt know wich one to choose.


Wipeout 2097 (ps1)

Toca 2 (ps1)

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26 November 2006
Could only really measure it by the amount of time I spent playing the games, rather that what may be universally seen as the 'best' games. These have certainly racked up plenty of hours between them.

Sensible World of Soccer (Amiga)
Iss Pro Evolution (PS1)
Toca Touring Car Championship (PS1)


Champions League
20 June 2005
North America
Legia Warsaw
Hey cool topic. i'll bite

1)Resident Evil 4- This game was amazing on the Gamecube.
It gave new life to the third paerson and yet it wasn't a full third person. It had adventure,horror and intrigue. never was overly predicatble and controlled perfectly. graphically it put to shame almost every game I saw last gen and to this day will be remebered as a graphical powerhouse.

2)Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time- i had never played a zelda before this one and i played this game on the gamecube of all place instead of the N64,but the game sunk me into it's world and characters. i actually almost cried when it was over. where RE4 was perfect in every way OoT was just magical.

3)H.E.R.O-game for the Atari 2600 by Activision. Better than Pitfall.


Allez les Lionceaux !!!
12 September 2002
Football Manager

Colin Mc Crae 2 on the PSX was very good too...i never liked later editions as much

NBA Street


League 2
7 April 2003
Jeez ... erm ... well ... okay here goes,

1. Metal Gear Solid (Playstation)

Had an N64 at the time, went and bought a PlayStation just for this game, was also the first time I remember feeling proper emotion and connection with a game and it's characters. It innovated in so many ways for me ... Stealth, Voice Acting, Music, Epic storyline and Unforgettable setpieces and characters. It's also still the only Game, or Movie for that matter that has compelled me to spend Hundreds of Pounds on related Merchandise and Collectables not something I'd ever done before or since.

2. Sensible World of Soccer (Amiga)

A game that practically took over the waking hours of my early Teenage Life and that of my Pals, it just seemed like every one of our educations suffered due to talking constantly about this Game in School and then when the bell rang we practically sprinted home just to get back to that "Buzz" that only this beauty could deliver. Was also the first "Original Boxed" game I ever bought, you could also make a case for it having had the greatest replay value of any game ever in its day ?

3. Pro Evolution Soccer (PS2)

This came along just when I needed it most, I'd had a PS2 since launch and it was gathering dust until this came out nearly a year later. I was blown away by the improvements from the PSOne versions both visually and in the gameplay, it gave me back that love of gaming that I was missing at the time. Curiously I nearly lost my job and a live-in Girlfriend in the year that followed due to playing this far too much with Pals. It was also the game that gave Birth to proprer organised "Games Nights" within my circle of friends and the first and only game I've ever played for cold hard cash.

I am not one to return to playing classics for fear of tarnishing my memories.

Couldn't agree more LemonJelly, this is a rule I strongly believe in. Your memories are never done justice when you go back to a favourite from the past ... never.


30 March 2003
London -> New York -> San Francisco
Liverpool FC
In order of hours wasted (!):

1. ISS Pro 98 -> ISS Pro Evolution 2
2. Final Fantasy 7
3. Metal Gear Solid 1/Resident Evil 1&2/all GTA III's

But my most enjoyable and varied period of video games have been spent with the SNES and Dreamcast

EDIT: Forgot a special mention to the best party game of all time: PICTIONARY!
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Original Member Since 2001
30 December 2001
Indiana USA (Scottish)
Nottingham Forest
Sensible World of Soccer
Its been 10 years the same ten years Konami have had and not one game has come close to the career mode this game had to offer.

Dues Ex
While most bash Halo because they are Sony Fanboys etc this is the reason i bash halo and boring FPS like that. This game along with System Shock were more like Simple RPG's than just FPS's. Start a level choose your own path through the level whilst upgrading yourself and guns etc. Games like Halo and Gears of War don't even come close.

When the MasterLeague was starting it was so exciting as we knew this game had the gameplay and now soon the career mode of SWOS. Sadly its now been over ten years and although the gameplay is still the best we aren't much nearer SWOS than the first PS2 version.

Honorary Mentions:
Command and Conquer
Half life
Championship manager
f15 strike eagle 2
Microprose Grand Prix
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is back...but for how long?
27 November 2001
East Lower, Block 13
Arsenal FC
1. ISS Pro Evolution 2 (Ps1) - What a game, the best representation of football to this day on any console. Why can't Konami make them like this anymore? I still play it.

2. EA Hockey (Sega Megadrive) - Ahead of its time, used to play this for hours on end.

3. Sensible Soccer - Need I say more?

Special mentions (showing my age!)

Head over Heels (Spectrum)
The Sentinel (C64)
Microprose Soccer (C64)
Football Manager series
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El Diego

1. ISS Pro Evolution Soccer 2 (PS One)
2. Super Mario Bros. 3 (NES)
3. Half-Life 2 (PC/Xbox)

(Tombraider 1 just misses the top-3, I loved that game when it was first released.)
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7 August 2004
Hmmm difficult:

- ISS pro evo 2 (ps1)
- Half Life 2 (pc)
- Goldeneye (n64)
- MGS (ps1)
- Super mario bros (nes)
- Sensi (snes)

Those are the games i have the most vivid, enjoyable memories from. Would be between goldeneye and pes for the top spot.


17 December 2003
Olympique de Marseille
- PES series (never played as much as this game)
- Resident Evil 4 (GameCube) (the best sensations ever)
- God of War


10 October 2003
Championship manager
Street fighter

Wasted years of my life with Championship manager - but I loved every minute of it!

Playing PES on PS2 at a friends house in Edinburgh - loved the game ever since - although very frustrated and annoyed that it hasn't evolved much since then. Still best two player game with yer mates.

Getting SNES and Street fighter 2 for xmas when it first came out was unbelievable - after playing it at my local chippy with mates - seeing the graphics etc , don't think I have been so excited and happy about getting a game.

Another shout out goes to Mario Kart on SNES - Two player greatness!

Also to the C64 - my first computer and many happy days. Seeing the Robocop loading screen - I couldn't believe my eyes! Look just like the movie (I was young)

Also Amiga was a fantastic machine. Sorry gone off of games topic but it just got me thinking - I still love playing games etc - but I'm glad I grew up when I did and can appreciate how far it all has come along.

I want to be as excited about a game as when I was younger - but I don't think that is going to happen :-(


10 December 2004
Stoke City
1. Final Fantasy VII - Now I have played almost every FF game apart from tactics and as for story line goes this in not the best one. (V or VI were the two best). Though it seems to have a hold on me, the story was very good and that did grip me but the features the game brought to an RPG were amazing, the mini games were addictive and the characters were great also. The game did change my perception of an RPG, I have been addicted to many games but this was the first one that led me to quit a job so I could finish it.

2. The Legend of Zelda - This game was one of the first I got sucked into, not quite an RPG yet not 100% an adventure.Quicker than a FF to get into but more rewarding in a strange kind of way. Every time I play a new Zelda game and it comes to finding a new weapon it reminds me of playing this game for the first time. All I will say is that Zelda needs to get better at avoiding Gannon. :p

3. Silent Hill - Freaky deaky, this game is always worth pitting your shants. Used to get me more when I was younger but if Im in alone getting sucked into it, in a dark living room late at night the littles noise or the biggest nasty bstrd gives me the fear. I love the puzzles in this game also, really truly playable game.

Others that were very close for third...

THPS - Addictive.
GTA3 - Amazing.
PES 2/WE6FE - Too obvious though let it note I play this game more than any other and if you were to ask I would keep this game over any other.
Kula World - Had to add this. :)
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League 2
29 July 2003
This shit probably changes like every once in awhile:

1. Metal Gear Solid (PSX)
2. Legend of Zelda: Link to the Past (SNES)
3. Smash T.V. (SNES)

Honorable Mentions:
Half-Life 2 (PC)
Socom 2 (PS2)
Donkey Kong Country (SNES)
Tony Hawk 2 (PSX)


17 April 2004
North Yorkshire
1. Metal Gear Solid (PlayStation)
2. Grand Theft Auto 3 (PlayStation 2)
3. Sonic the Hedgehog 2 (Megadrive)
4. Pro Evolution Soccer 3 (PlayStation 2)
5. Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 2 (PlayStation)
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