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You've redeemed an Origin Access Membership Code


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Loathe to start new standalone threads for stuff but I got this email last night and was a little disconcerted:

Hi PlaceboPRS,

Thank you for redeeming your Origin Access subscription code.

For recurring members, your reoccurring plan will restart immediately when the membership time from the redeemed code has concluded. For further information regarding your account details, including payment options, renewal dates and more, please login to your Origin account.

Please enjoy our growing collection of great PC games in The Vault, try upcoming EA games before they’re released and save 10% on your Origin purchases.​

Your Account Information:​


Membership Plan:​
Origin Access Premier Membership - Non-recurring 1 Month​
I haven't redeemed any code etc. Apparently EA are giving out one month's free Origin Access/Premier to everyone has 2FA activated on their account:


Obviously in this day and age of passwords being brute forced and then accounts sold in various places 2FA is absolute common sense any way but weird EA did this then didn't bother telling people about it (AFAIK?)!

I have Origin Access Premier Annual and it's now showing the next payment as 28th November 2020 so I definitely got a free month.

Maybe too late to apply it now to get the free month but a handy reminder to anyone that doesn't have 2FA activated on all their game clients!


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Yes, this promotion had been mentioned in the FIFA 20 thread 2 months ago. I still didn't get my free month yet, though...
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