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Zidane filmed by 14 cameras


Retired Footballer
15 March 2003
Zidane filmed by 14 cameras on the last game versus Villareal
Zizou great actor take a red card at the 90' :lol:

The team which will film the player Saturday evening includes in particular specialists having worked with Martin Scorcese, Oliver Stone, Francis Ford Copolla or George Lucas.

try "Zidane Douglas Gordon Philippe Parreno" on google


9 January 2002
Certainly was, my dad had said just before he set it up, 'that Zidane hasn't done much', then he did that. :lol: Still the best player on the planet for me.

Pity he got sent-off, will make the next Real game on TV that little less interesting.



ThomasGOAL said:
Zizou great actor take a red card at the 90' :lol:
They are all the ingredients for a emotional movie, the hero in the pass to Ronaldo for the first goal of Real Madrid and the rogue of his red card.
I hope that these monitorings for movies won't be popular in the future.
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