zone def vs covering def


Lotte Marines, Nippon#1!!
26 May 2005
hi, can someone pls explain what are the differences between zone defense and covering defense.

i've tried both, but it seems that defense reacts very similarly. and most of the time, defenders are out of position.

thx a lot


18 June 2003
Planet Moufa
There is a HUGE difference.

When playing zone marking the defender marks the first player who enters his territory and stays with him till you get the ball.

Instead when playing covering your player focuses on not leaving open spaces on the defence line.(for instance when your CB is going to the side to mark an attacker on trying to cross from the side the SB will take the CB's place in the centre of the defence)

I hope this helps...


Discovered The FK Bug
30 November 2003
SL Benfica
if that's true, good.
too bad you can't set the defender to do a covering in the default formation.
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