Remembering back to the PES games in and around the 2006, 2007 era, this was a technique that I found myself using more often than not.

In the newer PES games, namely next-gen, in my experiences it seems that the use of accurate shots (R2 whilst powering up with square on PS4) are being used less and less.

Interested to hear who uses it, how often they used and whether or not you've been finding it effective.

Video with a few examples here.
Hello guys,

This post is for write about our BAL career: Position, Style, Height, initial team...etc.

How's you BAL going on?
This first page will most likely change, but for now until hopefully tomorrow when i upload a few teams something to share.

There is a bug, an issue with the AI which is holding the game back. The Ai 'Back off' in certain situations which creates an inconsistency when you use high press tactics 'Frontline pressure'. I've been playing a lot and watching a lot of CPU vs CPU and whats happening now is the game plays well but there you get an inconsistency from the CPU in tackling you which presents easy goals here and there.

One sizeable change from last years tactics is again in regards to pressing, if you want to pressure aggressively high up the pitch when using 'Out of Possession'Formations make sure you wingers STAY as wingers and don't make them become midfielders. Last year it was better to change them into wide midfielders to help out even the pres but this year.

I've tried and tested about 10 Premier League teams i'm happy with and i'll try to get them out as soon as possible.

All in all, i have said this eevry year since PES 2014. For PES to get to the promised land, i needs to evolve the gameplay from getting that responsiveness back to the level of PES 2013. This game has that base and animation power to make it happen next year.
I don't know where to put this but which PES in your opinion had the best player and team individuality in terms of tactics, passing and just being able to easily distinguish between good/bad players and good/bad teams?
i downloaded estarlen silva stadium pack for pes 2016, but i have no idea whatsoever how to install the pack, and i don't know what is dpfilelist generator is and how to use it, many thanks in advance.
Hi, perhaps it exist a way to edit the goalkeepers ability that they are not so weak in game (low shoots).
Try to increase defensive prowess in edit mode to the 90s.
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