Euro 2016 mode30th Apr 16
I think my Euro 2016 mode has been added via DLC, I now have the option to play the tournament with the official graphics etc via the cup option. Is that it or is there more to it? Right now, it just seems like a glorified up mode.

The other issue I have, is from reading all of the release stuff it seems that the kits should be updated including Englands, but my game still ahs the old England kits (all white shirt for home & all red for away). Should the kits have been updated to the new Euro 2016 versions with the light blue sleeves for the home kit & darker red sleeves for the away kit?
This makes me wonder if it has only installed part of the DLC or have I just misunderstood?

I checked and my data pack is showing as 3.0 so I think it is up to date? Could somebody clarify for me please?

Thanks in advance
OK - curious if anyone has any tips when this should be used if ever online or offline?

Offline v CPU I think it can be useful to set up for a speed burst past, but the science of the controls seems to be hold close control button and just tap the stick direction stick. holding the direction stick seems to make you sitting duck!

Online - seems completely useless as there is always smothering tight defense

are there any thoughts on this?
help please how to change classics emblems (netherlands, england, france , germany , italy , brazil & argentina)

they have same slots for flags as original (modern teams)


i found this on pes serbia
i understand that i need hex for this , but all pictures in this thread are dead and it cant help me now ..
me what is killing the game is the cpu 1 type of goal scored against me plus the inexistence of shot variation,dribbling past the whole pitch,defensive awareness, no fouls detected etc.. this game is too limited and half baked if i might say, ive been playing it since it's release, whatever i did to it, even yairgameplay patch cannot fix these things. in my humble opinion although i never liked fifa, is that fifa 16 is the game to play as PES 2016 is a very limited narrowed down football game because konami didnt develop it the way it should, but its good that ur enjoying the game, me i couldnt still play this game with all these basic faults..i feel disappointed and kind of eager to do something myself to fix the game, but can't do anything about it, its all in the hands of konami, i am playing fifa 16 but in the back of my mind, i have this despair and sadness of leaving pes behind for a reason of the other, if you know what i mean..
I am using kitserver and have aspect correction checked but I don't see my monitor's resolution(1600x900 16:9) on the settings. So I ended up manually changing it on kload.cfg with

# DirectX options
dx.force-SW-TnL = 0
dx.emulate-HW-TnL = 0
dx.fullscreen.width = 1600
dx.fullscreen.height = 900

But it still uses the one on the settings and not the custom one I put on the kload.cfg. Yes, kitserver is activated for that .exe and I am running Windows 10 64 Bit.
i mean matches like real-barca milan-inter man utd-man city with intros like this Spoiler:

anyone know numbers of fans clothes & faces texture on 5 screen ?
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