Anyone know if this is in the game licenced or unlicensed?

I love classics in PES ! ♥

I will put my edition here

I already made these kits:
germany 90 away kit
germany 94 home kit
germany 90 GK kit
netherland 88 home kit
netherland 90 away kit
netherland 88 GK kit
italy 94 home kit
italy 94 away kit
italy 94 GK kit
england 98 home kit
england 98 away kit
england 98 GK kit
france 98 home kit
france 98 away kit
france 98 GK kit
brazil 94 home kit
brazil 94 away kit
brazil 94 GK kit
argentina 86 home kit
argentina 86 away kit
argentina 90 GK kit

and have these kits (made by other kit makers)
germany 90 home kit
brazil 98 home kit
brazil 98 GK kit

dear kit makers
If you want to make classic kits, we can share it together, so focus on other classic kits to having bigger collection thanks
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Hello, got a question... is it possible to
download the xbox360 Demo anywhere without
Gold membership?

As the title says, this is where all our demo videos go. So let's all share our great moments

Here's a start from me:
Hey guys haven't been around for a while - how do I update squads/make transfers for new season on Xbox one? I only seem to be able to swap players between teams and not just add a player like say Benteke to Liverpool ?
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