We had this thread last year: http://www.evo-web.co.uk/forums/showthread.php?t=68907

So I though we'd make one again for this year's PES2014.

help! take weeks searching google tutorials or some way to make a patch and was told on this forum could help me to tell me how to do the patch pes2014 xbox 360 as did the famous F.Totti89 and its called real patch for PES I hope your help please thanks greetings.
First of all, PES is much better thanks to this latest patch so go check it out if you had previously given up on the game!

If you are looking for some fun competitive games of PES then look no further, PEN is the place to be for all you online players (apart from PC players, sorry guys) who are sick and tired of playing vs the same teams and/or frustrated by opponents constantly using exploits and glitches (lob shot etc). Those of you that enjoy MLO will also enjoy this league, it isn't a standard league, it includes a transfer market which is run very professionally. This isnt me bigging up my own site, i don't own or run the site, I'm just a regular member (an admin these days) and a PES fan informing everyone there is still a place where you can enjoy PES 14 and get the most out of it.

We are coming to the end of the current season so now would be the perfect time to sign up, depending on the number of sign ups you may receive an instant place for next season. Or you will be placed on the waiting list until there's a vacancy (may even create a reserve league), trust me it will be worth the wait. While waiting for a vacancy you can participate in the ladder (basically a leader board) with all PEN members, so even if you dont get a league spot upon signing up, you can still enjoy competitive games.

Right, now lets get to the good stuff.

The Site

The Forum

The sign up threads

When signing up to the forum you will receive a email to validate your account, it may appear in your junk/spam folder.
If you have any questions dont hesitate to ask, but first here is a lot more info for those of you who are unsure what this league is all about.

So what is it all about?
Think of the league as a cross between playing PES and Football Manager, or even an online interactive Master League. This site in its various guises has been at the forefront of online leagues since 2004 as seen here in the official Xbox magazine

The aim of the game is simple, build a winning team and conquer the PES world.

Here are the current squads after thousands of transfers being completed over the last four seasons (click the tabs at the top)

We aim to run 3 divisions of 12 for both PS3 and 360 (72 players in all). The most important aspect of a league is having active reliable members rather than a league of 100 people where only 20% actually play their games. So with that said we may downsize the 360 leagues depending on how many new players sign up.

Each season runs for x amount of weeks (depends how many teams are in the leagues) but don’t worry, all your hard work will not be undone. The next season carries on from where you left off. So don’t get caught out spending all your money on the part timer who is about to retire, or sell the next big thing who is going to get a huge stats boost. The only way real life transfers will effect your team is if the player is removed from the game itself.

We play Four Fixtures per fortnight giving you plenty of time to arrange and play your games on any day, at any time you desire, more info on that in the forum.

Once you have been issued your team, they are under your full control. You can sell your star player to another member, or maybe trade for a player of similar quality. Or if you are in need of a squad overhaul why not trade that star for a handful of players. There is no limit to the ways you can deal...
What is your philosophy? will you be a wheeler dealer like Harry Redknapp? Or will you be Barcelona and only buy players that suit your system and style? The choice is yours.

Free Agent Fridays
Every Friday an undisclosed auction is held for a small number of players who are not currently involved in the league.
It is up to you whether you bid and what you do with the player if you win...just be sure to have enough money in the bank unless you want a visit from the banks 'associates'

The league is presided over by an unscrupulous and disgraced former city banker. If you overspend and fall into administration he will hit you hard...very hard!

We also keep a record of many stats throughout the season, so if you are a stats geek like me this is something else you will enjoy, Here are a few examples below.

PS3 Prem Stats - http://proevonetwork.com/stats/ps3/prem
PS3 Prem Golden Ball, Boot, Gloves - http://proevonetwork.com/awards/ps3/prem

Now for team specific stats.
Team stats - http://proevonetwork.com/tables/ps3/...04/112-goat261
Rivals - http://proevonetwork.com/tables/ps3/...04/112-goat261
Team History (starting from season 3) - http://proevonetwork.com/tables/ps3/...ership-s04/112
Performance chart - http://proevonetwork.com/tables/ps3/.../112-goat261/0
Fixtures/Results - http://proevonetwork.com/tables/ps3/...04/112-goat261

Be sure you familiarise yourself with the rules once you become a member (we go into much more depth on the forum)... The banker likes nothing better than fining you for breaking these rules.

most importantly, the league is built on a tight knit friendly community so get involved in the forums if you want to get the most out of it. You will soon find yourself doing transfers at work, pulling out your ipad to negotiate over deals in bed etc...just like the rest of us.
Have fun and don’t hesitate to ask questions, the community is very helpful and will always look to help.
As the life of the Playstation 3 slowly ends, I wanted to know you opinion: I guess we all agree that all the PES games on this console were a step back from the classic PES games on the Playstation 2, but which of the Playstation 3 PES games do you consider the best? Or in other words: if only to buy one PES game for Playstation 3, which game would you choose?
Am I the only one who's playing with classic teams in PES ?

For example this is my Real Madrid:

Casillas, Ramos, Pepe, Hierro, R.Carlos, MakÚlÚlÚ, Zizou, Figo, C.Ronaldo, Bale and Raul.

I create the classic player and add them in their respective teams. So i have current and classic players mixed together.

I do it on PES 5, because it has a great database for the faces and the classic kits.

Played against classic Milan in CL, had a great game, Shevchenko scored 4 and i lost 4-1, although i'm a great player. Cpu on PES 5 is great.
Option Files/Downloads - Sony & MS

On Consoles...i am behind the times with regards to how you "transfer" options files onto an Xbox...and how much is editable.

1. PC
2. PS3?
3. Xbox?

PS3 - know the drill inside and out with downloading and transfering...

Xbox - i don't know the drill! AT all...
Last PES game i updated was PES6! And that required all sorts of extra hardware and paffing!

So Xbox...Is it USB stick? One File? Multiple Files?
Is there still a limit in the editing capabilities, or is Xbox just as good as PS3?

I am just looking ahead of the game and wondering...
PS4? or Xbox1?

AND IF I go with an XBox, i am not going to be left going, "dam, wish i had a PS4...look at all the Option Files available!"
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