Q: Are you disappointed that KONAMI decided to remove the jostling function using the right analogue stick in PES 2015 that was introduced in last year's version?
In your opinion which PES had the best ball physics...as a matter of fact which football game has the best ball movement, weight, natural spin etc ?

We all know Football Kingdom has best nets EVER!

In my opinion ball physics is one vital part of a football game.

I think Winning Eleven 7 and ISS 98 ON N64
had near perfect feel to it. Lets hear it lads.
As the title suggests, all PS3/360 related discussion goes in here
someone already has the link to download the demo of pes 2015 x360?

alguem ja tem o link pra baixar a demo do pes 2015 x360?
So i had a little bit of free time during CL multicast last night, and i as bored so i went on and explored PES Stadiums from the 1st game until 2014.
Stadiums and environment are very important to me when playing, and i'm sure we were all disappointed by list 20 last year.

So, here is a rundown of what i have found so far.

I'm missing a few things likely, so it would be great if some veteran evo-web folks can help me to complete the last few bits i need. What i'm missing is:

-PES 1 full stadium list(i think it had 11 or 12, but i can't find it)
-PES 2008 and 2009 PS2 stadiums(2010 had 22 next gen + 10 more on PS2), but i'm not sure about 2008 and 2009 PS2 versions because i haven't played them on PS2 and i don't remember.
-May be a mistake or two in PES 2 3 4 5 and/or 6.

On the bottom you can see the total amount of stadiums, and that last year as equal to the PES 2 stadiums total.

Some stadiums i've written as one due to them becoming licensed eventually, eg Orange Arena became Amsterdam Arena after a few years.

Any help would be appreciated in this project, and in addition i suppose we can discuss stadiums here a bit if you want.
I hope an admin doesn't lock or move this please.

And finally, how cool would it be to have all those stadiums back one day in PES? If only Konami would care. Even if 10 licensed and 70 fake, it would feel great, instead of 15 stadiums and every game visually feeling the same.

Well, that's it, thanks for reading.
Posted my problem all over the web, with not much of a help at the end...

So, recently I have bought an XBOX 360, and already I'm experiencing problems playing my favourite type of video games.

TV is HD Ready Sony Bravia KDL-32R420A, connected via HDMI. Games running on a 1360x768 @60hz. I can't change it, though it supports up to 100Hz.
Also, I can't select Game mode (When I'm trying to select Game mode, it automatically switches me to Graphics (HDMI 2, using it for XBOX 360). I can select Game mode before powering the XBOX on, after it boots, it switches me back to Graphics).

Ghosting/motion blur occure when playing long passes, and during fast counter-attacks, when lead the ball, or running with it, there are none. I see this is common problem, but I don't know how to sort it out.
From what I see, this is the place to ask for help.

What are the options? I'm sure many of you experienced this same annoying problem... How did you solve it?

Please help this ancient forum member.
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