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24 Fans - Jack is staying for another 13 years with 24!


21 March 2004
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Yes you heard right, 3 years, not 13 LOL!
Sutherland signs for three more '24'

Tuesday, April 11 2006, 07:14 BST - by Neil Wilkes

Kiefer Sutherland has signed a huge, eight-figure deal to stay with 24 for another three seasons, according to Variety.

The news ties down the star to the real-time drama until the end of its potential eighth season in 2009.

Although the show itself has yet to be renewed for the period, it is currently achieving some of its best ratings ever, with a 13% season-on-season increase in the crucial 18-49 demo.

The deal with 20th Century Fox also includes a promotion from "co-executive producer" to "executive producer" for the sixth and seventh seasons, as well as allowing Sutherland to set up a new production company to produce series programming for various networks.

Meanwhile, Sutherland revealed that a long-expected 24 movie would be filmed in a year's time at the earliest, if at all. "If we were going to do it, we would do it next summer," he said. "It's still a big 'if'. We would not go forward unless we thought we could do it right."
Source: http://www.digitalspy.co.uk/article/ds31501.html

You guys happy or sad? I had Jack say he wanted his character to be killed off.
Anyway, no spoilers please, for those of us who don't go USA every week to watch 24 :D


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9 May 2003
rockykabir said:
Season 4 was a huge disappointment....so was the beginning of S05 but it's become brill now

I can't imagine it going on for much longer though - that's the prob with the american networks, they just milk it dry :(
thats cause we know the europeans deep in there hearts want to watch and be like eveyrthing american, so we can milk it and we do :)


30 March 2003
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csaunders said:
thats cause we know the europeans deep in there hearts want to watch and be like eveyrthing american, so we can milk it and we do :)

One thing I wished they milked a bit more was Seinfeld.....9 Seasons but I was still lovin it :D

But it's those things...if Jack died say at the end of this season and it all finished, you'd think of it as a true classic as it'll end on a high. I don't wanna see some geriatric Jack on a zimmerframe! ;)
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