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60000 Tickets in 6 hours - Wembley Launch


Did you Say BOOTS - Pk
9 January 2004
in the boots thread
Lille, de oranje!
what a bummer, was anyone lucky enough... i heard one is going for 1221 pounds on ebay how sick is that..............

is anyone else excited about going for this (hoping my mate sorted tickets out *fingers crossed*)


13 March 2005
NW London
yeh but apparently if you used Firefox, you could just hit back and refresh.

I didn't get any tickets, i didn't know they were on sale until I read about it on the BBC website, and by then they had closed the ticket queue due to the massive demand on the server.

The prices on ebay are extortionate. Ebay should delist them and pass on their details to the FA, so real fans can buy the tickets rather than some del-boy character exploiting people's desperation.

I want my first time at Wembley to be at a senior match with 90,000 people with me. Not a scaled down 60,00k. Not matter how big a stadium, it just won't be as impressive with 30,000 empty seats!


Ecchi otoko
26 November 2005
Okayama, Japan
Man Utd, Stockport County
Hope all the facilities are better than the last one. Getting in and out was a bastard as well. It used to take hours.


Did you Say BOOTS - Pk
9 January 2004
in the boots thread
Lille, de oranje!
I agree with you peter, but it sure would be a great way to be part of history watching the game at the new wembley...

i reckon "the new wembley" is already the coined name of the stadium..

yeah marukomu, i heard that as well... i am sure it has to be better than the emirates (nightmare when it comes to leaving)!!!
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