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Ability to Play

7 November 2006
Hi guys.. Im brazilian and Im new here. First of all i have to apologize for my bad english, so please, dont mind if any mistakes happen.
I want to discuss de ability to play ( i really wanna know another word who means the same of this one ).
Reading the posts e after testing hundreds of OF's i realize that you editguys can change all things in the game, including stats of the players and mainly de ability to play PES, for example, the ability to do feints faster and one i guess its the most important: When your player pass through another player, usually a CB, if your player has more speed why does he lose the running with the CB?? I think if he had already passed the guy, he should win the running and in certain times he should even increase the distance between them!
I want to know if is there any OF which supports this functionality?
And I want to start a discuss here about all "ability to play" PES6.
Thanks... and sorry about the english again!
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