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An edited optionfile for PES6


24 July 2005
Hi everybody...

I just wonder, if there would come a new options file for pes6?

I downloaded the last version for PES5 on www.pesfan.com and i really loved that.

Is that possible? :)


14 January 2006
PESFAN are creating another option file for PES6 which will be released on release date. However, because of the PES5 option file they created last time, the FA contacted them for legal reasons and asked them to remove it. Therefore in the PESFAN PES6 Option file, the English teams will not be edited. On the other hand, all the other leagues will be. My advice would be to go with the PESFAN option file until Watson or someone else creates an option file with premier league edited...


22 October 2002
Tottenham Hotspur
Maybe the database-geeks will be finished (Hah!) soon, or release some sort of option file for PES6 one glorious day, that would seriously kick ass.
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