Any tactics to counter Inter's default formation and 4-4-2 Box?


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19 August 2005
is anyone kind enough to share their tactics on how to counter inter's default formation and a 4-4-2 box formation as im having trouble playing against them? thanks.


I play


And it works well against Inter


It works though with the LB taking the whole flank with OM running a bit forward left. The CM runs a bit up forward to take OMs original position and the RM runs up his flank. It works well for me.


29 October 2005
Here's my formation and I have never had trouble beating any particular teams:


I then set Pressing to max, Backline-moveup to max, Counterattack to least, and offside trap to medium. I could easily concede goals when the CPU counterattacks, but chances are most of the time I have possession, it's very much like the Dutch system in the 70's.

My LW I use Rooney and get him to push inside, so he can shoot with his right foot. I use Neeskens for my CM, he can join in the attack really well and score some goals from just outside the box.

For sweeper, I use Baresi, he comes forward really often and scores some goals as well.

I would make sure you have a big man for CF (someone like Van Nistelrooy or van Basten or Bastistuta, etc) and a fast man for ST (someone like Eusebio or Henry).
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