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Any tranlastions for psp we !!



Does anyone have any translation for options and also for wirless options as well???? plz


what he means is can you download a option file etc to the psp to change menus to english etc??


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21 February 2003
In that case, no.

But what he's actually asking for is translations for the Options menu and the Wireless Online menu.
Someone might have them, at least in picture or list form, which would be good enough in this case. ;)


17 May 2002
The easiest way would seem to be to download the PES5 PC demo since the screens are supposed to be the same. That said, I don't have broadband and can't, so if anyone could post a few screens of the toughest stuff to figure out, like the manual tactics or player attributes, somewhere, I'd be very grateful.
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