Are there any females out there that can play PES??!!



Seriously! are there actually ANY ladies out there who play PRO? and play PRO well, not just get spanked 10-0 every game when im a team like Watford and their like AC Milan, cos every girl that i have seen attempt to play the game have just been PURE Waste! Are you out there?! Id love to hear from you!!!


9 August 2005
I think you're wasting your time m8.

And if there are any female PES gamers out there, I doubt that they're hangin out on these forums :D


Tyneside Amateur League
3 September 2003
Phoenix - unfortantely
Watford FC
yes they are all too busy chasing each other round in their PJ's and having pillow fights :)

this is from the man who got knocked out by his wife on fight kings on the ps3 :(
seriously it was a lucky punch (honest)


I played a good female online.
Every goal attempt from her was a cutback though.
I settled for a draw then respectfully declined her request for a rematch like a gentleman.


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8 January 2002
Over the moon
KRC Genk, Spurs
My seven year old daughter is a regular PES player on PSP.
Currently she plays on level *** and she wins roughly 75% of her maatches against the CPU...i must say she plays with the big teams (she let me choose a team, she likes football but her preferences are based on the fact that she likes shirts or not). She ususally plays with Barcelona or (to my delight) Argentina...


12 September 2007
After telling my gf i love PES, she went out and brought her own copy, i played her, but because i got my keen on too much and then said 'here, have the ball' she put the pad dow :( oww well maybe its not for women!!!


29 July 2003
Amadora, Portugal
SL Benfica
I was once at a tournament where this 12/13 year old girl played really good. She got knocked out by a guy that attempted 4 shots and made 3 goals while she had over a dozen shots fly wide or against the post.

Her older brother won that tournament...


League 2
20 March 2005
Women are genetically unable to play pro evo to any satisfactory level. If there's an attractive girl out there that can challenge me on this game, I'll marry her.


Skillz That Killz
20 August 2003
Southampton FC
Well my girlfriend plays, I beat her all the time, she played my mate, she lost 1-0 or 2-0, but in all my days of playing pro evo, she nearly scored one of the best goals I have ever seen, Gattuso, from like miles out, half volley or something, and literally something out of nothing, just out it wide. Sometimes she actually wants to play aswell, she played my Fifa 08 demo aswell with me, but she didnt like it, she actually prefers PES haha


27 March 2006
Fellas with girlfriends/wives or daughters. We should coach them and make them play a tounament against each other, nothing better than some girl on girl action.


The answer must be Jam
26 July 2007
Well my girlfriend plays, I beat her all the time
Is it acceptable to beat women in this day and age?

I suppose it doesn't hurt as long as they are still able to cook and go out and earn a living for you.

What your missus is complain about the corporate glass ceiling?

I don't understand, surely a mop will still do the job...


Skillz That Killz
20 August 2003
Southampton FC
Haha nothing like a little girl on girl :) Handbag duel, the ladies pro evo tournament.

She is smart haha, she played the 360 version, mainly complained about the controller, as its bigger than the PS one, and she only used to have a PS so is used to that, she didnt like the player faces up close either, but thought the rest looked nice, but she didnt like the gameplay, dunno why, I asked, but she just said, cause I dont, but then again I guess, she doesnt know the terms well haha, or how to explain it, anyway played the PS3 version, she preffered the controller, but the same thing, she actually questioned me about the pitch, cause I told her how in one match its fine, then next it fades, she was like it wouldnt be that fast would it, or is it to show you what it would be like, so I was like oh so you know some things haha! I will get her to compare, see if she can :P Should be a laugh, also to add, she is gonna get a PS2 aswell, so hopefully she will get PES6 and train, although you know the penalty mode, she is very good at that, stupidly good I dunno why, I dont even give her a chance to look at my controller aswell now, to make sure, she has beat me like 15 times on it, compared to my 3 or 4 haha :(

Hahahaha vanzandt, she can be the breadwinner and get me the new games :D


25 June 2003
Me and my gf play ML on 5*, cooperative mode.We've won every trophy there is.She's kinda good , most of the time.Sometimes she still does silly things...inexplicaple things that drive me nuts.
I don't know many friends who have the patience and vision to pass around and build like her, plus she doesn't panic in the box , sometimes passing even on a partial breakaway lol. Although she can play, there is that ever-present problem with her not understanding real football physics and "laws" that well.That said, I can see her one day even beating me 1on1.
...if I'm on crack .hah

All in all, it's great to have a game we can play together, and I love the fact that my girl's hair is exactly like Pavel Nedved's LOOOOL.
We sometimes call her Nedved.
You should see her character's outlook on her Fantasista game.


Skillz That Killz
20 August 2003
Southampton FC
Haha Nedved!

Well my gf played heavenly sword and enjoyed it, after she beat a boss for me, she is starting to become a gamer, infact today, I think I will show her the evolution of PES, playing from number one tll number 6, sadly I dont have Winning Eleven etc, see if she noties the difference between the 360 and PS2 version of PES6 :D

I think girls have troubles learning the buttons, too fiddly and complicated, although it isnt, its probs cause they cant be bothered to figure them out :)


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19 November 2003
my wife is getting mad everytime she saw me playing PES,she will shout something like this,go and prepare the milk for....blah blah...and thats the reason why ,i would never became a good player in PES.


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10 August 2004
The Arse
My mate and I are both schooling up are gfs on Pro Evo and plan to have a 'girl-off' at some stage, money involved of course.

To be honest, I'm not hopeful. Last time we all played together my mate's bird scored a screamer from outside the box with Benni McCarthy. Mine is still struggling with the very fundamentals, such as passing the ball before a defender gets to her. I'm not convinced she's as committed as she needs to be...

She's actually quite sick at Virtua Fighter 5 tho. I caught her firing up my PS3 on Sunday when I was in the shower. I tell you, she'd give anyone a good fight with Pai.

In my experience, girls always like fighting games the most. An old gf of mine loved Soul Calibur on DC. Perhaps it's a stress reliever from an otherwise generally passive existence, by contrast to their generally more confrontational male counterparts?


19 May 2005
Only One Man Utd.
Women playing we/pro-evo? Fuck-off! They are in everything,football,boxing,rugby etc,any male dominated sports they want in.Just god give a set of bollocks and the urge will be to just bust a nut and go to sleep...Leave or male dominated forums alone please ladies,unless you want to show us your tits..oh shit i feel hell coming my way..


Skillz That Killz
20 August 2003
Southampton FC
LOL pepper

Anyway, I do believe you joystick, she prefers fighting games to any other game and something else I cant remember what she said, she told me cause its easier and more fun etc, but she likes PES haha :P She done good on the PES2008 demo, scored a screamer with torres, drew 1-1 that was her best result, then she lost like 2-0, 2-0 etc haha !
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