Beginner tips?



I have some problems with PES5, perhaps because I am too used to PES4.

Problem 1) I don´t know how to play to create open spaces, should I counterattack or should I play the ball around? Help!! ;)

Problem 2) Far too often I end up chasing the opponents when they are in possession, my last game (3 stars) ended 40-60 % in ball possession, to the CPU´s favor.

Problem 3) What is the best way to get possession of the ball?

Problem 4) How should I place corners?

Please help me with these tips!


15 October 2002
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Hi, i'm fairly pants myself at the moment - think it's cause I can't settle on which camera type i prefer - the wide is now too far away and the setting before this is too close.

my only tip so far would be to use the black button when receiving a pass as it vastly improves the first touch of your player giving you a little more time on the ball. unfortunatley this means re-training your brain from the PS2 days of pressing R2.

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9 August 2003
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A bit of a tip

Its hard for some people to tell u how to play the game, because everyone will have there own style of play.

But i would suggest going into training modes and then practice passing the ball about in free practice. Once you get a feel of what u can and can not do Move on to shooting and then free kicks.

Don't do the challanges yet until u are really happy with what u are doing.

Then find a team to play with and play a little league with them or a cup.

I would suggest not to use the big teams like real or Arsenal or brazil. Use some of the smaller not so good teams. But put them up against bigger teams than u.

This way u get to learn how to play a good game with a less team.

Once u have done this for a few months may be years (seeing as i have played every iss since its dabute on the super famicon) then move onto playing with a big team.

After that u should have found ur own style of play for the team that u use. Once u have that playing with anyother team will be much eiser.

then ur ready for the big boys on the net..


8 August 2005
I agree playing pro evo 4 for a hole year non stop its pretty hard to get use to the new gameplay of Pro 5 but i think the best tip is to keep playing matches and you'll eventually get use to it. try starting on a lower star before moving up higher, thats one thing i done on pro evo 4 and then by the end i was thrashing teams 5-0 . 6-0 on 6Star.It'll take time!
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