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Boca Won the "Copa Sudamericana"!!!


League 2
Some minutes ago Boca Juniors won the final against Bolivar (Bol.) 2-0 (1 week ago Boca lost 0-1 at Bolivia) and is the Sudamerican Cup Champion...

This was a really hard year for Boca, because we lost one final against Once Caldas (Copa Libertadores) and another against Cienciano (Recopa, match between 03/04 champions) but finally we won a final this year :D

We are champions again!!!!!!

*La Copa Sudamericana is similar to the Copa Libertadores. La copa sudamericana is played on the first half of the season and it was less important than the LIbertadores (played on the 2nd half). But since this season, the winner of the sudamericana will have a chance to play the intercontinental cup (a match between the sudamericana and the libertadores will be played and the winner goes to tokyo) so now is really important :D

Congratz Boca Juniors and good luck Carlos ("carlitos") Tevez on Brasil!!!!!


Palermo scoring the 1st Goal.


Palermo after the goal.


Tevez after the 2nd goal.


El más grande. Maradona on the Final.


The crowd...
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League 2
Fred_Gavioes said:
lets just say.. that copa sudamericana is like uefa cup? right? good.

Not exactly, because the teams that plays the libertadores (like boca) also play the sudamericana, but there is more teams from each league playing the sudamericana (so is easy to qualify for the sudamericana). Also another difference is the cup system, the sudamericana its a big big playoff... but on libertadores you have a system similar to champions league (with group rounds and after you the playof...). Also the mexician teams only plays the LIbertadores and they are really good teams. But yes... on southamerica the sudamericana is similar on important that the uefa on europe.

It's really hard to explain, because i dont know exactly how it works right now and how it will work the next season. The sudamerican is a really new cup and the libertadores is changing it season (the next it will be played by 38 teams, the last were 32)... :P I dont know very well how our continental cups works .P

GL... I see you on Tokyo ;)
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League 2
More pictures :D


The players after the match... on the club pool.


Boca's coach. "Chino" Benitez he was a great player of our team some time ago... and he worked on youth divisions a lot of years. Some months ago Brindisi resinged... so Benitez take the lead of the team until 05. But now that he won this cup maybe he will be again the next year.


The team.





Tevez with the cup.


Diego :D
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