I am thinking of getting a broadband connection which really has been prompted by ProEvo5, basically downloading the Wolf updates etc is rather painful on a 56k line!!!.

Can anyone recommend a reliable service out there I have heard that NTL and AOL are not that good a service. There are so many out there at the moment its a bit of a needle in a haystack scenario.

Also do any (this is a big ask) have 6 month contracts. Basically I will be moving house in the summer and so wouldn't want to be tied down for a full year. I would be willing to pay for the 6 months up front!


ive just changed to blueyonder, £35 a month for 4mb and a free upgrade to 10mb next month.


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4 August 2004
i had NTL cable which was great but I had to move in a non cabled area :/ so I change to AOL and they have great services fingers crossed :) if you have to move and still want broadband you will stay with them :)

12 months contract 512ko 17.99 a month not bad and no download limits

up to u mate
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