Calling all Evo-Webbers... Can I interview you?

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Chris Davies

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14 May 2003
Tranmere Rovers
"Calling" because this is a podcast thing and I'd literally be "calling" you. See how funny we are here at Evo-Web? Ahem.


Plans are underway to put together an Evo-Web podcast (whether that's a few one-offs or something larger). The #1 purpose of this is to give this community a (literal) voice in the world of PES, whether anybody else listens or not... because we're pretty old-school and I don't want anyone to forget we're still here, if we can help it.

Evo-Web is you. That's why I'm asking if you'd consider giving approximately an hour of your time, so that I can interview you about your experience with PES 2019, your thoughts on PES 2020, and more (if we have time).

If you'd like to help, and:

  • You have a Skype account (they're free to set up)
  • You're free between 6pm-10pm GMT+1 (UK time)
  • You can speak English (whether that's fluent or not, I still want to talk to you)

...then shoot me a private message by clicking on my username, and let me know.

If you're not free during those times then please message me anyway and I'll try to accommodate if I can!

In the meantime, I'm locking this thread so that there's just one "discussion" thread - click here to go to that thread.
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