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can anyone get online?

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15 August 2003
Everytime i go to xbox live on pes and i get the list, it either says the connection failed or match room doesnt exist.

My xbox live is great on all other games?

Can anyone help?


27 September 2003
same here. i tried inviting and being invited. tried ranked and unranked. tried creating a room and quick match.


hmm, i wouldnt really expect anything till at least friday, it is the official release date after all


Connecting to random people is very difficult, not sure why. But connecting directly to someone via a friends list invite seems to work fine...in most cases.

You might want to check your NAT setting.


15 August 2003
ok. managed to get onto a game. got stufed 4-1. Trouble was my players took a second to react, i must have had about 15 chances and i missed them all, very unresponsive.


10 August 2004
It works fine for me playing someone on my friends list. I haven't got to even see a list of players when I go to a ranked match though, how long should it take to come up?
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