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Can someone in the world insert the kits into 0_text now ?


30 October 2005
Hi ;) ..Can someone in the world insert the kits into 0_text now ? If you guys can do it ...It can mix kits ?(i mean something like home shirt + away short or away kit + home kit or etc. plzzz i really like to know....

(Sorry to my english ...)


Still A Master Of Puppets
9 August 2005
Manchester United
yes, you need to 'modify reserved space' by right clicking on any of the files in 0_text. and in the drop down menu 'load defaults for'.... select 'pc-pro evolution 5 kits'. and then click the arrow next to it, then select the name of your new AFS and place to rebuild it, then you should be able to insert the kits into it, it took me about 10 attemps as the game randomly crashed, i had to convert all my kits from png to bmp berfore inserting, and then i had to delete all of my old game saves that i had before to stop more crashing. hope this helps.
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