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Can someone please explain this to me ??



Ok, since I started playing WE/PES I never fooled around with Strategy or such. I only setup my formation and that`s it,head for the game.

Well now, I read on another forum that you can improve your team by going to Strategy and setting it on Semi-Auto ?? What in the world is that ??

Last night all I did was went to Strategy instead of manual which is (default) I put it on semi-auto and started the game. Right away I noticed my players were running much faster, like chickens with their heads chopped off, all over the pitch. The gameplay became somewhat MUCH faster kinda unrealistic but the counter attacks were much better (realistic) as almost all of my 11 were running down the box looking to score a goal. In this case, defense becomes really weak and if you`re playing versus a good counter attacking team thet will own you..

Another thing is.. if I press L2 right down the corner there will be something like A2, SA and sometimes even A3... what is all this and can someone explain everything to me, and what are the best most affective, beneficial settings when playing as Semi-Auto mode.


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Semi-auto is an option you can choose, It is set to manaual as default.
By choosing manual you can choose what strategies you want like coutner-attack, zone-press etc. and during the match you can "activate" them by holding L2 and pressing the corresponding button to the strategy.

If you choose semi-auto, the CPU will automatically "activate" those strategies during the match whnever appropiate(for ex. it will automatically activate the counter attack if you win the ball), those A1 A2 A3 appear automaitcally, but the L2 is the one you can choose manually.

Manual - you choose all strategies by yourself durin the match
Semi-auto - the CPU will activate them durin the match but you can control one manually.
Dunno if i explained it well :mrgreen: but there you go
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