can someone tel me how to patch


gary logan

people keep telling me i need an ico and aload of other stuff i dont know what any of it means do i need my ps2 linked to my pc


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First of all you need to use your original WE9 DVD to make an image onto your PC and then patch it. And you need a DVD-burner with blank DVDRs.

You will need to use these programs

a)DVD Dycrypter,

(zip version: )

b)ppf-o-matic3 (also known as pdx-pom3)

c) CD/DVD burning software such as Nero or Alcohol120%.

d) Plus the WE9 patch you want to use - (90% translation patch is here.

Most patches come compressed as rar files so you need to check this thread to find out how to unrar (uncompress) these to give you the actual patch files which are .ppf files.

Create an ISO from your original WE9 dvd game using dvd decrypter or other ripping program.

a) Put your Original WE9 dvd in your PC dvd drive
b) Open DVD Decrypter, go to MODE /ISO / Read
c) Choose your destination folder eg origWE9
d) Press the go button (dvd->Harddrive symbol)

This gives you your original ISO.

Open ppf-o-matic3.

Select your ISO file from above (by clicking on the small disk pic and locating the file in its folder).
Select your .ppf patch file (again by clicking on the disk image)

Click Apply. Wait for the ISO to be patched.
If you also have patch update files, you can now apply them to your ISO as well using the same method. Select the same ISO and the next patch and click Apply.

Read the instructions that come with each patch to see if there are any other methods or techniques you need to use when patching. This is the most common and basic method usually used.

Now you are ready to burn your patched ISO image.

I tend to defragment my hard disk at this point. Then you should shut down all other programs (or better yet, reset your PC).

You can burn the image using DVD-dycrypter (Open DVD Decrypter, go to MODE /ISO / Write and then clicking the button at the bottom), Nero or Alcohol 120%.

Open your burning program and select the Burn As Image or Burn Image option. Select your patched ISO file. Insert a blank DVD-R and set the speed to be as slow as possible as this is better for the life of your PS2 laser. If you use cheap DVDR types and/or fast burning speed, this is not good for the life of your PS2 laser. Set it to burn and leave it for a while. It will take time so be patient and don't mess with your PC otherwise there is a chance that the patched disk won't run. Some PS2s prefer DVD+R so if a DVD-R doesn't work, try that.

Once it has burned you can now play your patched version of WE9 on your modified PS2 (using either a chip, a fliptop lid or a slide card method).

Remember that your image can usually only be patched once. The only time this is not true is when a patchmaker releases an update or a fix for his patch, and in these cases you can simply apply the update/fix after the main patch. But if you want to use a completely different patch then you will need to delete your game image and rip a new one from your original disk - basically you have to start the patching process again. If you have any problems with patching, make sure you start the process from the start as it is common for people to patch their image with several different patches and then wonder why it doesn't work.

This is a basic and simple guide to patch WE9. If you have a dvd-burner and a modded PS2 then you should have very few problems.
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that's great
8 July 2005
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huu?? I always tought to patch you had to have all kinds of weird stuff for your ps2.. like those gamesharks and etc... I didn't know you could patch the game with a DVD burner and those programs!!! Man, if that's the way it it, I've been missing the whole patching scene.
Oh, and cAn this be done on the xbox version of PES4?? are there cool patchs for it?? or is it just for ps2 versions of the game?

Thanks for any answer.


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Yes, patching the ps2 version is this simple. To experience the best game possible, I'd also recommend getting a max drive so you can download and use any option file for any game.

There are xbox patches and they will work on a chipped xbox. The method for patching for xbox is different and instructions should come with a guide.
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