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Can't be bothered buying it....



I don't think anyone's brought this up in any other thread - but I've been playing the Winning Eleven series since it was ISS on the N64. I've been buying both the original release and the evolution incarnation.

But this time I just can't be arsed going out and buying something which basically just equates to an expansion pack of an expansion pack of an expansion pack etc.

Maybe if the pricing equated to an expansion pack I'd have a bit more enthusiasm but from where I'm sitting theres not a lot of difference these days between Konami and EA methods to game making.

I'll get to the point though - for those of you who have at least the last three or four versions of WE is this new one worth picking up or am I going to feel the same way I did after getting others - ie. same game with a few tweaks I like and some I don't, and some stuff missing from the last version that I'm not overly happy about.


30 May 2003
WE Heaven
Yearly sports series are all more or less epension packs.

If you want a true sequel get Zelda: Twilight Princess this winter.


9 August 2004
I didnt think the last two are more than a few gameplay tweaks and a few added graphics and animations, but this one has had some thought go into it. This version is much more about passing, buildup play and defending without diving in.
Yes you need this so go get.
7 August 2004
if you want the best footie game out at the moment you should get it, however give it some time when playing otherwise youll be dissapointed. And hopefully it wont be to long till the patches with kits are released making it by far the best
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