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Champions League 2011/12 - Groups, Results, screenshots thread


2 January 2011
Tottenham Hotspur
In the end, I found eight of the strongest points of
In the 1 \ 4 finale consisted of the following commands:

Bayern Munchen(Darth_Maul)-Zenit(Pirke)
Man.City(DaniSN)3-3 Bate(Chupo)
Dinamo(tashe)10-4 Chelsea(neksi)
Wisla(Blagojce)6-6 Barcelona(Kezman)
2 matches
Leave your claim with you!Good luck
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2 January 2011
Tottenham Hotspur
I can't find Pirke
Ok.Move on to semifinals.
Bayern Munchen(Darth_Maul)- Bate(Chupo)
Dinamo(tashe) - Barcelona(Kezman)
2 matches.Good Luck
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Shollym PESerbia

12 years of the patch
9 August 2007
Boca Barça Inter MUTD PFC
this tournament was a test and many people have applied and failed to appear, I on the other hand was busy with the patch update and couldn't play my games. I am glad that you who played somehow found a way to take this to an end, in future we will organize only tournaments with people who play regularly their games like you guys.
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