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Check this out!

Nick Cave

Wrexham fan for my sins...
10 July 2004
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Wrexham AFC
Looking ahead there are further innovations to keep an eye out for including real time variable weather conditions as well as the promise of pitches tearing up underfoot and remaining shoddy for the duration of the matches!

Is that going to be in PES 6 or future titles??


jonny reid said:
Here is a link for a review for pes6 for the xbox 360. www.oxm.co.uk
Just so everyone knows, its NOT a review but a hands-on feature as it quite CLEARLY states.

It's also been posted on here already.


I like when i read this :

"This feels like football"

P.S. : what does this acronym means (W.A.G.S.) ? Wives and Girlfriends ?


Yes spot on Wives and Girlfriends... a big deal was made out of the England Players WAGS being in Germany....

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